Wednesday Link-Off: The Greater Good

katherine-mcphee-esquire15-02Sometimes, I’m not entirely sure if it’s better that you leave people to their own paths and plans. After all, it’s nice that someone will chip in some help but that doesn’t mean they are actually contributing to the cause even if they should drop the act. Sorry, I was really tired when I wrote this but it does make some sense.

Anyway, it’s Wednesday which means that we have to do the links. Let’s kick things off with Katherine McPhee.

Is the Ontario government opening up beer sales to some grocery stores for the greater good or part of secret legislation changes to protect the interests of big brewing? (The Globe and Mail)

The NDP went from possibly being the third-party to form the Canadian government to returning to their history also-ran status. How did they go from virtual certainties to a distant third? (

A lot of people thought the Duffy trial would negatively impact the Conservatives’ reelection chances. In fact, the late campaigning with the Ford brothers did them worse. (Metro)

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