Sunday Link-Off: Drugs and Shut Downs and Baseballs, Oh My

elyse-taylor-victoriassecret13-10It’s Sunday which means it’s time for some links. I’m hoping to have an F1 recap tomorrow for the Korean Grand Prix which already ran and isn’t getting replayed in Canada until 9:30 PM. They have a block of taped programming from 5:30 PM onwards but why would we show it at a convenient time for our audience? I really think TSN is the Canadian F1 fan’s worst enemy. At least Sportsnet hasn’t screwed over IndyCar fans. I’ll have the GP of Houston recap on Tuesday. Unless I decide to flip-flop posting dates.

Anyway, like I said at the top, it’s time for the links. Let’s start this post with Australian model Elyse Taylor.

The Globe & Mail put together a lengthy, detailed and fascinating report about how BlackBerry went from the top of the smartphone world to dead in the water. (Globe & Mail)

Toronto mayor Rob Ford frequently visited Alexander Lisi. Now, Lisi has been charged with drugs offenses which can’t be good for the mayor. (Toronto Star)

This week, we also found out that the Toronto police had Rob Ford under surveillance using a Cessna airplane. (Toronto Star)

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Wednesday Link-Off: The Investigation

elyse-taylor-victoriassecret13-01It’s the middle of the week but more importantly, it’s the middle of Canadian Gaming Week here on the blog. Hope you guys have enjoyed yourselves so far. There are still reviews, columns, news and more coming your way this week. However, the plug got pulled on our review of Star Trek: The Video Game but I’m hoping to have a different Canadian game that came out this week reviewed this week.

For now, it’s time for our traditional set of Wednesday links. Let’s kick this off with Australian model Elyse Taylor.

Catching the Boston Marathon bombing suspects wasn’t just a case of police detective work but a combination of police work, citizen tips and modern technology. (The Washington Post)

The NRA’s domain over gun lobbying impacted the Boston bombing investigation because they’ve impeded technology that can trace gunpowder which would have helped the investigation. (The National Memo)

You’re just as likely to be killed by your furniture as you are by a terrorist attack in America. So why does America make a big deal about terrorism when an average of 18 people are killed each day by guns? (The Guardian)

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