Creepy Fan Videos Of Celebs That Look Like They’re Made By Stalkers

A couple of years ago, I took a look at some of the internet’s creepiest fan art of celebrities. Well, if you thought the various collages and drawings that fans put together were creepy, they have nothing on what the folks on YouTube have cooked up. There are some almost disturbing videos that fans create and post.

So as a follow-up to my post on the creepiest fan art of the internet, here are some of the creepiest/stalkery-est fan videos on the interweb. Consider yourselves lucky that you didn’t have to watch a pile of these videos to make this list. Continue reading

Creepy Celebrity Fan Art That Looks Like It’s Made By Stalkers

When I floated this idea out on Twitter, I was half joking. But I thought I should just go ahead and see what sort of weird fan art and images are floating around online. I’m shocked nobody has compiled these sooner because there are definitely some fan artists out there who should be monitored at all times by police. So here are twelve of the creepiest/stalkery-est examples of “fan art” that are on the internet. Continue reading