Charlie Sheen Interviewed On The Howard Stern Show

Charlie Sheen has been making the rounds as of late. He’s been on The Dan Patrick Show, The Today Show, 20/20 and Piers Morgan Tonight. But his best interview, by far, was Tuesday’s interview on The Howard Stern Show. They talked about Two and a Half Men, Chuck Lorre, sex, Charlie’s women, porn stars, his family and winning.

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Wednesday Link-Off: Winning

Jennifer Lawrence may have not won an Oscar for best actress but she was definitely winning on Sunday night.

The folks at GQ were planning on running this profile of Charlie Sheen in their April issue. With all that’s happened with him over the last few days, they’ve released the profile early online. That’s winning. (GQ)

Gordon Bombay has some advice for Charlie Sheen. Bombay did get a DUI in ’92 so he has some experience. That’s how he ended up coaching District 5. (Tauntr)

Want an early front-runner to win the potential NFL lockout? I’d take the owners. Some have enough money to weather a two-year lockout. (CNN Money)

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Entertainment Link-Off: One Sheen-ing Moment

I’m back in the saddle again for another set of entertainment links. To make up for it, I was going to go with Brooklyn Decker from Just Go With It but I refuse to support the Sandler/Aniston machine (despite the cameo by Dan Patrick). So here’s I Am Number Four’s Teresa Palmer.

The biggest entertainment news of the week came from a sports talk radio show. Dan Patrick scored the interview coup of the year with his interviews with Charlie Sheen. (Sports Radio Interviews)

Here’s the story of how DP landed the interview with Sheen and how he ended up in seven Sandler movies. (The Wrap)

So Watson kicked the asses of mankind’s best on Jeopardy much to the surprise of no one. But you can do battle with Watson (or at lease his algorithms) in this online game. (New York Times)

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The Humanoids: Loose Ends

The theme behind this week’s Humanoids is tying up loose ends. Or at least that’s generally the idea.  Everyone has loose ends that need tying up at some time or other. Most of my subjects of ridicule had some loose end that is being tied up or just coming to light. I know that I have some loose ends that need tying up. Actually, I can’t find enough time to tie up all of my loose ends. Despite their public loose ends being tied up, that’s probably just the tip of the iceberg for my victims.

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