Wednesday Link-Off: The Home Stretch

brenda-song-jessicastark15-01bThe advance polls are done with a 71% increase in voter turnout compared to 2011. Now, all that’s left is to wait for Monday. The rest of us will get our chance to vote and find out who will be the returning/new Prime Minister of Canada. It kinda makes you wish they announced the winner like a prize fight. A vintage Howard Finkel “NEW” would go a long way here.

Anyway, it’s Wednesday (the last Wednesday before #elxn42) which means that we have to do the links. Let’s kick off with Brenda Song who I hadn’t heard of until now but that’s clearly an oversight.

“Stephen Harper is the last remnant of George W Bush in North America.” (The Guardian)

Stephen Harper wants to run on his economic record versus Justin Trudeau’s plan. History says that the Liberals are better for the economy. In fact, Harper is the second-worst Conservative PM in the last hundred years. (Bloomberg)

Be careful at the polls next week. Anything you might have heard about the Conservative’s voter suppression in 2011 might be under-reported. (Rabble)

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