Wednesday Link-Off: One More Week

In what can only be considered the best news we’ll have until this time next week, there is only one more week until the votes are counted and the US might have a new leader. Of course, there might be a few legal challenges from either side depending on the outcome. And for all Trump talks about World War III if Hilary wins, there’s the real possibility of Civil War II if she wins. At least the US and Russia will get along if Trump wins.

While FBI Director Comey was willing to disclose an investigation into Hilary Clinton’s emails via Anthony Weiner’s sexting, he’s not as quick to disclose the FBI’s investigation into the Republican candidate. For example, the FBI is investigating Trump’s former campaign manager. (NBC News)

Meanwhile, the FBI was made aware that Putin and the Kremlin were cultivating Trump and he seems to be playing into their hands. (Mother Jones)

The Times is digging into Donald Trumps taxes again and found how he was able to not pay taxes and loans from his casinos in the 1990. It turns out that it may not have been in the most kosher manner possible. (New York Times)

Trump’s companies have destroyed emails in defiance of court orders. Maybe people are right about this whole projection thing that The Donald does. (Newsweek)

And if we want to talk about servers, why does one computer scientist say that a Moscow bank’s server is talking to a Trump Organization server? (Slate)

If Mexico does end up paying for that wall, they could be using Donald Trump’s money. The Mexican government is filing tax fraud charges against the Republican nominee. (The Hill)

His Donaldness often talks about not paying people whose goods or services he wasn’t satisfied with. Does that include a pollster who his campaign owes three-quarters of a million dollars to. (Washington Post)

Late in the game, it looks like Donald Trump is picking up newspaper endorsements. He picked up one from a Las Vegas newspaper owned by a GOP donor. Now, he’s scored an endorsement from the KKK’s newspaper. (Uproxx)

Canada is finally having the net neutrality debate. Not surprisingly, the major telecoms are looking to change the rules to their benefit. (Vice)


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