Wednesday Link-Off: Basket Full Of

Two more weeks! There are only two more weeks before we should all be done with this edition of the US election and can move on with our lives. At least, we hope that’s the case but with Donald Trump claiming to only accept the results if he wins, this election might drag on through the courts until the next election. And, until then, we’ll have a daily assortment of scandals to peruse and wonder how American politics got to this point.

An undercover investigation showed a Trump-supporting super PAC willing to bring a foreign donation despite that being illegal in US elections. (Daily Telegraph)

Remember Silvio Berlusconi’s infamous bunga-bunga parties? The term has regained traction with reports that a similar party or parties happened with Donald Trump and associates which involved cocaine, underage models and rich, old men. (The Daily Beast)

And here’s testimony from the rape lawsuit that has been filed against Trump and Jeffery Epstein. Some may find the testimony disturbing. (The Proud Liberal)

In a condolence note to Kelly Preston on the Trump University blog after her son’s death, Donald Trump talks about trying to pick her up. (Huffington Post)

Did Breitbart and a liberal activist team up to disrupt GOP primary events? (Politico)

The Donald has taken to Twitter to insult 282 people, places and things. The NYT rounded up the list and the insults hurled. (New York Times)

The New York Times printed the full list of those Trump has insulted on Twitter. It took two whole pages to reprint them all. (Business Insider)

And 538 has a list of the 20 threatened to sue and/or followed through during his campaign. (FiveThirtyEight)

No one seems to think that he will follow-up on some of those lawsuits because of the potential damage from opening himself up to discovery in those suits. (The Daily Beast)

Trump received $17 million in insurance for hurricane damage that no one can recall occurring. (Toronto Star)


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