Wednesday Link-Off: Round Three

It’s Round Three of the Presidential Debates tonight. It’s Clinton vs. Trump III from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. The margin between the two candidates is such that Trump needs a big surprise to turn momentum and a statistical error from the polling to draw level without even factoring the distribution of votes in the electoral college. Basically, Hilary is playing not to lose tonight while Trump’s got nothing left to lose.

What’s a scarier prospect for November 8th, 9th and beyond? The fact that militias are recruiting in preparation for a Clinton presidency… (The Guardian)

Or that Trump is advocating for Republican supporters to “observe” polling stations on November 8th. It’s authorized voter intimidation and it’s very illegal. (Mashable)

The Donald has gone so far as to say that Hilary has to be “taken out.” He’s not even trying to promote some hidden meeting. He explicitly said that his political opponent needs to be “in jail or shot.” (Talking Point Memo)

Trump might claim to know a lot about the cyber but his organization is still in the dark ages of server security. Maybe he should get his son to upgrade them. (Vice)

Donald Trump called Condoleezza Rice a bitch when she was Secretary of State in 2006. I wonder if he still feels that way since is anti-Trump. (CNN)

A People magazine writer accused Donald Trump of sexual assault. He denied it happened and Melania wanted a retraction of the story that she recognized the writer while walking in New York. Well, not only are people backing up the story, a witness is backing up the meeting with Melania. (People)

In case you’re behind on the news, here is a look at the 16 (as of writing) women that Donald Trump has sexually assaulted or harassed. (Vox)

Trump’s defense is that the alleged victims are too ugly for him to bother sexual assaulting. What does it say about a would-be President when he seems to assign women their value based on looks. (New York Times)

The Donald wasn’t the only one up to no good on the set of The Apprentice. Gary Busey groped a staffer and Trump had a laugh about it. (The Daily Beast)

When/if this election thing goes wrong for Trump, he’s getting closer to securing the funds to start Trump News Network. (Miami Herald)


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