Wednesday Link-Off: Still Unfit

halle-berry-w16-02Three days later and the story hasn’t change. While it’s not like it could get better, for Donald Trump, there’s the reprieve from last week’s scandals because this week’s aren’t that bad comparatively. And you have Mike Pence drawing attention with the VP debate as well. It doesn’t change the fact that Trump still doesn’t seem very Presidential. Under the scrutiny of an actual campaign, the Trump mythology starts to become just that – a myth.

Anyway, it’s Wednesday which means that you’re here for the links. Let’s kick things off with Halle Berry. Something, something, Space Mountain. Woo!

The Attorney General of New York has ordered the Trump Foundation to cease and desist from soliciting contributions since it’s not licensed to do so. (NPR)

Does coming back from a near billion dollar loss make you a great business man? No, it just means that he lucked into his last name. (Bloomberg)

In another self-dealing matter, a look at Trump Foundation tax filings suggest that over a quarter-million dollars was spent to put Donald in position for a Presidential run. (Real Clear Politics)

It’s not self-dealing but his father’s cash injection into Donald’s casino to keep it afloat by buying and not cashing casino chips was frowned upon by gaming regulators. (Shareblue)

The Donald’s divorce with his first wife turned ugly with accusations of abuse and rape against the Presidential hopeful. But Hilary’s the one with the bad marriage and who hates women. (Daily Mail)

Trump’s time at the top of the Miss USA pageant included ogling the contestants. (The Daily Beast)

That behaviour wasn’t limited to beauty pageants. It also extended to The Apprentice. (Associated Press)

Team Trump is going to float a story to attack Bill Clinton but it was already debunked 17 years ago. (Vox)

To hype The Grand Tour, Clarkson, Hammond and May were on James Cordon. The boys haven’t lost their touch.

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