Wednesday Link-Off: Stuffing Ballots

kirsten-dunst-emmys16-02We’re seven weeks away from the US Presidential election but I don’t think that we’re going to make it without all going insane. The funny thing is that the whole world full of politics has gone absolutely mental. At the very least, today’s links should have you laughing at political absurdity.

Anyway, it’s Wednesday so we’re doing the links. Let’s kick things off with Kirsten Dunst.

It sure looks like Donald Trump used the Donald J. Trump Foundation to pay for legal issues pertaining to him and his companies. (Washington Post)

Who is to blame for the close polls between Clinton and Trump: The Millennials (The Guardian) or the Baby Boomers? (The New Republic)

The Canadian House of Commons is a very loud place with generally impolite people trying to heckle fellow politicians. The Speaker of the House is doing his best to shame all of the hecklers to make them shut up. (CBC)

Electoral fraud is real outside of America. An election official in Russia was videoed stuffing a ballot box as Vlad Putin’s party swept to victory. (Daily Mail)

Meanwhile, in Hong Kong, file polling stations had more ballots than voters. (Hong Kong Free Press)

That’s not to say that democracy isn’t broken in America. The state of Michigan has effectively removed Flint’s ability to sue the state for screwing up its water. (USA Today)

North Korea accidentally allowed everyone to read its propaganda websites. (Crave)

A Royal Canadian Mint employee is accused of stealing gold by hiding it in his rectum. You’ve got to be shitting me. (Ottawa Citizen)


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