Sunday Link-Off: Not News This Week

sophie-turner-venice16-03It seemed like there was a lot that happened this week but none of it was important. The news cycle just kept going with the usual Trump/Clinton bullshit that everyone is getting tired of. The rest of the world just kind of rolled along. The only interesting thing was discussing pardoning Edward Snowden which I’m less sold on now because of questions of Wikileaks apparent support of Russian interests.

Anyway, it’s Sunday which means that we’re doing the links. Since the Emmys are tonight, let’s kick off with Game of Thrones’s Sophie Turner.

The multimillion dollar interview offer from Mark Cuban to Donald Trump and Peter Thiel bankrolling a case against Gawker, shows that America’s press is now in control of the billionaires. We can say that in a year or so if Mister rather than President Trump launches Trump News Network. (MacLean’s)

If you think that corporate money doesn’t play a large role in politics, you should see what they’ve dug up in Wisconsin. (The Guardian)

The only US story that’s worth noting this week is Colin Powell’s private emails used for government business as Secretary of State and how this ties into Hilary Clinton. (Snopes)

Harvard Business School says that the current state of US politics and elections is harming the economy. Tell us something we don’t know. (Politico)

Foreign-owned homes destroying Canadian housing markets will be a hot button issues over the next year, at least. Granted, the housing market in my town is broken as fuck so it’s not like foreign buyers are the only problem. Anyway, foreign students own $57 million worth of homes in an upscale Vancouver neighbourhood. How can that happen but people five years out of school can’t afford a starter home? (News 1130)

There have been reports of big pharma bankrolling anti-marijuana efforts in the US government. A new study suggests marijuana use is helping to drop opioid use. No wonder why big pharma wouldn’t want legalized pot. (Chicago Tribune)

A lawsuit against Michigan state education officials suggests that conditions in Detroit schools are third-world bad. (The Herald News)

Speaking of third-world, North Korea is begging for international aid to feed its citizens after spending billions on nuclear weapons. (Mirror)


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