Sunday Link-Off: Cracking the Case

alex-morgan-health16-02Good news! The Donald Trump link (singular) is buried below the fold. Instead, you can read all about Rob Ford. No, don’t compare the two and Jimmy Kimmel explains why Ford is the better person in a link after the jump.

Anyway, it’s Sunday which means we’re doing the links. Since she missed a critical penalty kick at the Olympics, here’s American soccer star Alex Morgan.

The moment the world was waiting for has finally arrived. The Rob Ford crack video has finally been released. (CBC News)

Kevin Donovan talks about his time working on the crack video story. (Toronto Star)

Three years after the scandal first broke, people still care. Did the Toronto press care? (Torontoist)

Jimmy Kimmel doesn’t particularly care for the comparisons of Donald Trump to Rob Ford because Ford actually wanted to do a good job and cared for his constituents. It’s amazing but that crack addict would be the best option for the Presidency if he was eligible. (Toronto Star)

You already figured this but your high electric bills don’t actually reflect the cost of electricity but just bureaucratic bullshit. (Financial Post)

NYT looks inside attempts to course-correct the Trump campaign. Trump loved this story so much that he is now threatening to pull their credentials. If this is what he does now with the press or people he doesn’t like, what could happen with the power of the US Government behind him? (New York Time)

There’s been another Canadian maple syrup heist. Everybody panic! (CBC News)

There are a lot of complaints about NBC’s coverage of the Olympics but the coverage isn’t the only reason why ratings are down. (Sports TV Ratings)

Kayla Harrison just won her second Olympic gold medal in judo. Could she follow Ronda Rousey’s path into MMA? Is Dana seeing dollar signs from that possibility? (Bloody Elbow)

At some point, famous Australian hurdler Michelle Jenneke is going to race in Rio. Here she is racing Jeremy Clarkson in Sydney. Since all you guys are likely to care about it the warmup routine, it’s in the video too.


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