Wednesday Link-Off: The Reality of Falsehood

anne-hathaway-alice16-01As sad as it sounds, most of today’s reality is a construct of big media who are trying to generate a narrative to serve their own interests. From fictional TV to allegedly real TV to factual TV, everyone is trying to piece together a narrative that serves their own purpose. Is there anyone left in this world that we can trust besides ourselves? That diatribe probably has nothing to do with the links that follow but meh.

Anyway, it’s Wednesday which means that it’s time for the links. Let’s kick things off with Anne Hathaway.

I think we’ve had one of these before but it’s a premortem postmortem on how Donald Trump might win the Presidency. (The Atlantic)

Speaking of The Donald, is his hair just a really expensive hair weave? (Gawker)

There are many issues in the Democratic Party right now but none of it is being helped by DNC chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz. (Salon)

Political analysts thought that Elbowgate would end Canada’s honeymoon with Trudeau. Turns out that they were the only ones who cared. (Abacus)

Good news! You can major in moneyball / sports analytics. Or you could just major in regular statistics or analytics and arrive at the same spot by going into sports. (Time)

Can you cut the cord and still watch your local programming? It’s possible with PlayStation Vue but is it the best option? (Crossing Broad)

It’s a rumour that pops up now again in hushed whispers but Elijah Wood openly talked about pedophilia in Hollywood. (Complex)

Former The Biggest Loser contestants said that the show gave them weight loss drugs so they would lose massive amounts of weight while on the show. Might explain why so many gain the weight back when the show is done. (New York Post)


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