Sunday Link-Off: The War of Five Kings

emilia-clarke-gameofthrones16-01bTrump, Clinton, Sanders, Kasich and Cruz. They’re all that’s really left in the US Presidential primary battle at this point. That number is going to dwindle down quite quickly though whether that is as bloody as the War of Five Kings in Game of Thrones / A Song of Ice and Fire is a matter of debate. But Game of Thrones is back tonight! Review coming later this week.

Anyway, it’s Sunday so that means it’s time for us to do the links. Let’s kick off this post with Emilia Clarke.

Politics is becoming more divisive than ever and the extremes ends of political ideology are feeding off each other. (Daily Intelligencer)

A declassified memo details the long-rumoured connections between Saudi leadership and 9/11 terrorists. (Fox News)

Since Game of Thrones is back tonight, which Presidential candidate would belong to which house. (Vox)

Ted Cruz’s doppelganger showed up on Maury to find who was her baby’s daddy. (Daily Mail)

A woman who is leading the charge to sue the Michigan government over the Flint water crisis was killed in her home last week. Awfully convenient. (MLive)

How big is eSports gambling? The value of weapon skins wagered on Counter-Strike eSports is over $2 billion. No wonder a pro CS:GO league is coming to TBS next month. (Bloomberg)

Because there are no real stories in golf worth writing about, here’s a look at how Earl Woods’s death caused the end of Tiger Woods’s career. (ESPN)

As HBO kicks off new seasons of its big shows, the networks are wrapping their seasons up and looking forward to 2016. Here’s a look at the men making the decisions. (Ad Week)

Speaking of network decisions, ABC pulled Michael Strahan off of Live and moved him to GMA. Kelly Ripa took what isn’t being called a surprise vacation immediately after the news came out. Now this story comes out. Could just be a coincidence. (Bling Gossip)

An American college decided that Zoolander 2 was too offensive to be shown on campus. They showed Deadpool instead. (Reason)

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