Entertainment Link-Off: Winter is Here

Charlize-Theron-GQ-UK-2016Welcome back to another edition of the Entertainment Link-Off! If you’re off to the cinemas this weekend, there is the Melissa McCarthy comedy The Boss or you can catch the first person shoot-em-up flick Hardcore Henry. Meanwhile in Australia, you can get first dibs on The Huntsman: Winter’s War. In that film, you can catch the return of Charlize Theron in her villainous role! Speaking of, she looks mighty fine in the latest shoot with GQ. 

After the jump, watch out for Fast and Furiosa, a small tease for Kingsman 2, Batman v Superman could have gone darker, catch the trailer for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story and finally there’s the Honest Trailer for The Force Awakens. 

Prepare for Fast and Furiosa! Charlize Theron has joined the cast of Fast 8! Get excited guys! (Variety)

The teaser poster for Kingsman 2: The Golden Circle is hinting at the return of a certain character. (Slashfilm)

Netflix is shrinking! No I’m not talking about its original contents. I’m talking about its library of movies and TV shows! (All Flicks)

Here’s some sleek looking character posters to convince you to check out Warcraft in June. (Collider)

Believe it or not, Zack Snyder actually cut out a scene from Batman v Superman because it was too dark! (IGN)

Jai Courtney denies that the Suicide Squad reshoots are intended to make the movie funnier. (Joblo)

Now that Spider-Man is part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, you can expect other characters to appear in the web slinging solo flick. (Cinema Blend)

There is no rest for Benedict Cumberbatch. After completing filming for Doctor Strange, he has now gone straight into filming for season 4 of Sherlock! (Vanity Fair)

Arrow said farewell to one of its core characters this week. Now that the character has been officially killed off, does dead mean dead or will there be a possibility of a return in the future? (Collider)

When a character is killed off a show, it’s not always amicable like above. Ricky Whittle speaks up about his departure from The 100. (TV Line)

If you miss the UK Office, David Brent is back and creating more hilarious awkwardness around him. Have a quick look at Life on the Road. (Twitter)

Outside Game of Thrones, HBO is really having some troubles with original programming. Vinyl is not a ratings or critical hit, but with the second season renewal already announced, things should be chugging along. However, the showrunner just called it quits over creative differences. (Deadline)

First look at the Gilmore Girls revival series as pictures have been released online! (Entertainment Weekly)

The Walking Dead EP responds to the fan backlash over the season finale. No matter what you say folks, he ain’t changing his stance and he is not apologizing for the horrible cliffhanger. (TV.com)

The new red band trailer for Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising is here.

Hardcore Henry is a unique cinematic experience and the making of is just as interesting to watch.

Now that the buzz for Star Wars: The Force Awakens has sorta subsided and it’s ready for DVD/Blu-Ray release, it’s time to unleash a first look at the next Star Wars flick. No, not Episode VIII, I’m talking about Rogue One!

Of course, it’s also time for the Honest Trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Now that Screen Junkies got enough footage from the flick, it’s time to properly skewer it! Best part, they brought back the original Honest Trailer voice guy to keep the current Honest Trailer voice guy’s expectations in check.

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