Wednesday Link-Off: Panama

leanna-decker-01Remember how excited I was for WrestleMania 32 on Sunday? How naive does that look right now? I might write up some brief thoughts on the state of the WWE after its biggest show and its biggest weekly TV episode of the year. For now, let’s talk about anything but.

So with that shorter than usual preamble out of the way, I think that it’s time that we do the links. Let’s kick things off with American model Leanna Decker.

The Trump campaign might look comfortably out front of the Republican Primary but they’re working the back rooms to pick up unbound delegates for the convention. (MSNBC)

The push toward basic income creates a stronger social safety net for people than a minimum wage. (Bloomberg)

The Panama Papers revealing the use of Panama as a tax haven for the wealthy might just help Bernie Sanders’s campaign for the White House since he is the one candidate not owned by the wealthy. (The Independent)

What are the Panama Papers? They’re proof that the ultra-rich just aren’t playing by the same rules as the rest of us. (CBC News)

President Obama endorsed an incumbent Congresswoman for her district. Her primary challenger has raised over $100,000 since that endorsement. (Huffington Post)

Emails between NHL executives regarding concussions that are part of a concussion lawsuit were unsealed recently. The NHL’s Canadian broadcaster didn’t mention them at all on their many platforms. Why would that happen? (Toronto Sports Media)

The Cold-FX lawsuit is going ahead with its makers trying to prevent it from becoming a class-action suit. (CBC / The Canadian Press)

There’s growing concern over obesity among youths in Canada. Some people are concerned that the Canada Food Guide is steering people in the wrong direction. (National Post)

Did you know that Roger Federer is a massive wrestling fan? (The Players’ Tribune)

Everybody’s boys from NXT, Enzo and Cass, made their Raw debut. They came off like superstars in their debut promo.

One of the few highlights from WrestleMania was Sasha Banks’s entrance for the Women’s Championship match which featured her cousin Snoop Dogg.

On the other hand, NXT TakeOver: Dallas was much better. One fan even put together an amazing NXT version of a PWG highlight package.

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