Entertainment Link-Off: Needs More Fun

alycia debnam careyIt appears that Batman v Superman is still taking the box office by storm as superhero fans continue to flock to the cinemas for Zack Snyder’s divisive film. Anyway, I’ll just chill at home and catch up on some TV shows. Let’s start off this ELO with Alycia Debnam Carey. I’ll miss seeing her on The 100 but at least she’ll be back on Fear the Walking Dead!

After the jump, The Rock previews the new Baywatch team, DC Comic movies need to be a bit lighter, Suicide Squad’s got a B-team, Alien Day is happening later this month and let’s discuss about who should pay for all the damage in superhero flicks.

Expect an extended special edition of The Martian to come later this year. (The Digital Bits)

Exclusive look at the Baywatch team all thanks to The Rock! (Collider)

Don’t hold your breath if you’re expecting Lex Luthor to appear in Justice League. Jesse Eisenberg has revealed that he is not sure if he is going to be appearing in the superhero ensemble flick. (Business Insider)

The DC comics flicks seem to be all doom and gloom. Batman v Superman was a fine example. Early reports for Suicide Squad seem to indicate a similar tone; however the flick is now undergoing some reshoots to add a bit more fun to it. (Birth Movies Death)

Batman v Superman was met with mostly negative to mixed reviews. That being said, it’s still raking it in at the box office. Of course, when the fandom is so divided over the quality of this picture, it’s not surprise that some petitions have popped up suggesting to remove Zack Snyder from the DC movie universe. (Comic Book Resources)

So it appears that Ben Affleck has already written a Batman solo flick. (THR)

The new series for The Tick will be a bit more grim and dark than its predecessors. Am I noticing a trend here? (Collider)

Suicide Squad might feature the worst of the worst, but wait, they got a B-team featuring some of the more average villains! Check out the hilarious parody trailer featuring the likes of Dr. Evil or The Grinch! (Funny or Die)

Sure there doesn’t seem to be an end in sight for the CW’s Supernatural, but it doesn’t hurt to ask the stars of the show what they think about how the series should end. (Entertainment Weekly)

On a technical level, the proof of concept video for Rise looks quite impressive; however the story of man vs machine has been told many times before. That being said, it’s worth having a look. (Joblo)

Mark your calendars! April 26th will be Alien Day! Get it? (Slashfilm)

Say what you will about Joseph Kosinski, the man does have a good eye for visual flare! Check out the trailer he directed for Doom.

After seeing this, it’s no surprise that Daisy Ridley was cast as Rey in Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Sure, the superheroes cause a lot of damage in their attempt to save the world, but now the question is, who pays for all the ruined infrastructure?

It’s time for the Honest Trailer for The Revenant! Yes, the movie is pretty much one music change from turning into another Jackass episode. Oh look! So many sky shots!

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