Sunday Link-Off: Wonderful Eastertime

alison-brie-alexa16-07bHappy / a solemn and dignified Easter Sunday to you all. I’m sure it will be spent in church and with family and not at all watching March Madness, miscellaneous pro sports and various eSports. I know that’s what I’m doing… The latter, not the former. I might mix some alcohol in there for good measure too.

Anyway, it’s Sunday which means that we have to do the links. Let’s kick off with Alison Brie.

It’s okay to believe the Ghomeshi victims, hate the verdict and still think it’s alright. However, there is a reason why the victims behaved that way to Ghomeshi that wasn’t explored in court. Here’s an examination here. (The Globe and Mail)

The National Enquirer, as reputable an organization as you’re going to get in the supermarket tabloids, is breaking another affair scandal. This one involves Ted Cruz. (Gawker)

Candidate Trump insists that he didn’t have anything to do with that story just days after threatening to spill the beans about Cruz’s wife. I’m sure he’d be quite understanding how the timing doesn’t look good. (Politico)

Following on that, the misogynistic turn that Drumpf and supporters have taken has caused Megyn Kelly to stand up for women’s rights in their face. (Washington Post)

Conservative pundit S.E. Cupp is one of many republicans who are opposed to Trump. They went from friends to enemies over the course of the campaign. (Glamour)

It’s been a year so you may have forgotten about the suicide and mass homicide that was Germanwings 9525. (GQ)

Mother Teresa is up for sainthood. It’s up for debate because she doesn’t have the sparkling track record that you would expect. (New York Times)

As we near WrestleMania 32 (AKA WrestleMania Star/Dallas) and the WWE Hall of Fame ceremony, Chyna won’t be there because of her move into porn. It’s just another chapter in the long and confusing history of the WWE and its female performers. (Harlot.Media)

Are you ready for Fast Nein: The Fast and the Fuhrer. (Yahoo Movies)

Microsoft unleashed a teen girl AI onto Twitter. Within 24 hours, it became a Hitler-loving, anti-feminist, 9/11 truther. (Daily Telegraph)

Number One draft picks in hockey haven’t always been sure things. (Vice Sports)

Happy Easter from the Hydraulic Press Channel.

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