Entertainment Link-Off: Without Fear

Gal Gadot In Leather Boots And White Shirt

Gal Gadot In Leather Boots And White Shirt

I don’t know about you, but I’ll be camping at home with Netflix on this weekend since Daredevil seaosn 2 has finally premiered. That’s right! The man without fear is back and all 13 episodes of comic book goodness is now available for streaming. Anyway, while I binge watch the series, you can check out this week’s links in entertainment. Gonna kick things off with Gal Gadot. She’ll be showing up next week in the highly anticipated Batman v Superman. 

After the jump, teasing the post-credit scenes for Captain America Civil War, breaking down the visual effects of Deadpool, The 100 is facing a lot of fan backlash, a whole bunch of trailers to check out including Seth Rogen’s R-rated animated flick Sausage Party, and The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2 is like Kill Bill without killing Bill.

The Russo brothers talk about including Spider-Man in Captain America: Civil War and teases 2 or maybe even 3 post-credit scenes! (Forbes)

I love going through concept art! It’s always nice to see the inspirations for the final product. Have a look at what could have been for Star Wars The Force Awakens. (ILM)

Because Hollywood just loves sequels, Garry Marshall is looking to extend the Princess Diaries series 14 years after the second flick. At least it looks like Anne Hathaway is game for more. (People)

While Robert Downey Jr. is down for more Iron Man action, it seems like Iron Man 4 is not in the cards. (USA Today)

Sure, the dark and gritty superhero flicks seem to be all the rage right now, but don’t expect the upcoming Flash movie to be that way. (THR)

Interesting look at the VFX breakdown for Deadpool. At least now you get the idea of how many stunt doubles nowadays are actually computer generated. (io9)

More original cast are joining the Prison Break revival series. (Collider)

Something to look forward to. The second season of Mr. Robot will dive into the controversial topic of encryption. (Deadline)

As much as I enjoy The 100, it does appear to be a bit messy this season and not in a good way. (Variety)

Good news Gotham fans! The show has been renewed for a third season. (The TV Addict)

HBO may not be keeping up with Netflix in terms of content but it is certainly not rushing to release new material. Westworld has been delayed til 2017 but the sizzle reel looks interesting. (Slashfilm)

Seth Rogen’s animated feature Sausage Party just had its red band trailer released. It is disturbingly hilarious!

Because it’s Daredevil weekend, let’s tease the big battle between the title character and the Punisher.

Even more chaos and destruction in the new X-Men: Apocalypse trailer.

Sure it doesn’t look like Central Intelligence will bring anything new to the table but Johnson and Hart have great chemistry and it looks like it’ll be a fun buddy action flick this summer.

The new trailer for The Legend of Tarzan relies heavily on the action and features more of Jane being a damsel in distress. Hopefully there will be more to her character than being the captive of the film’s villain.

Honest Trailers tackles the final Hunger Games flick. While Mockingjay Part 2 did limp to the finish, it wasn’t that bad. Oh well, let’s just listen to movie trailer voice guy skewer the flick.

It was International Women’s Day recently and Last Week with John Oliver has an interesting segment on it.

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