Wednesday Link-Off: The Great (Missed) Debate

Sorry I’m late with today’s set of links. I’ve spent the last couple of evenings playing Rise of the Tomb Raider on PC for review. Square Enix just moved the embargo date from Thursday to today so I can what I was playing. And, yes, it’s good. Probably better than 2013’s reboot but I’ve got about two-thirds of the game still to go.

Anyway, it’s Wednesday so it’s time for us to do the links. Let’s kick things off with Kate Beckinsale.

In sort of the inverse of the California ballot initiative requiring legislators to wear their donors on their sleeve, President Obama is contemplating an Executive Order requiring federal contractors to disclose who they donate to. (New York Times)

Donald Trump thinks he can shoot people and not lose any support. That might be true but would he no longer be eligible to hold office if convicted. (The Hill)

And Trump is planning to pull out of tomorrow’s GOP debate because Fox News has Megyn Kelly assigned as a moderator. Maybe it’s for the best because Trump can’t improve his standing in the debates. (Daily Intelligencer)

Canada’s big three cell phone providers are raising their prices because f*ck you, give us money. (iPhone in Canada)

With the recent PostMedia cuts, the state of the fifth estate in Canada is quite sad indeed. (Toronto Star)

Remember the Planned Parenthood video doctored to make it look like they’re selling organs? PP was brought before a Texas grand jury because of it. The grand jury charged the guys who made the video instead. (Salon)

Kevin O’Leary has had a successful TV career. His business career doesn’t necessarily match up. (National Observer)

We might have lost Pluto as the ninth planet of the solar system but there might just be a new ninth planet lurking just behind it. (Science)

Brian Pillman’s daughter talks about her family situation and how the WWE might want to help but isn’t. (What Culture)

The WWE didn’t blow it at the Royal Rumble this year. Sure, they killed Roman Reigns’s momentum again but it wasn’t bad otherwise. It did have AJ Styles.


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