Wednesday Link-Off: Golden

kirsten-dunst-goldenglobes16-03I know in last week’s podcast, if you listened to the spoilers anyway, I mentioned that we would have the top games of 2015 and most anticipated games of 2016 lists posted last week. They’re coming tomorrow and Friday. The StarCraft II review that went up yesterday was the last piece I needed to cover everything for tomorrow’s best of 2015 list. Normal et geekera cross-posting service with then continue quickly scads of reviews.

Before we get there, we have to do the links. Let’s kick off with Kirsten Dunst who was at the Golden Globes even though I thought she wasn’t making movies any more.

One of the strangest stories from the El Chapo arrest is that he was interviewed by Sean Penn for Rolling Stone while on the run. (New York Times)

The Conservatives are concerned about the Canadian Government changing election laws without a referendum. What is the saying about people who live in glass houses? That Harper Government is pretty glass housey right now. (Press Progress)

We know income inequality is a huge problem in America. What you might not know is that it’s also a big problem in Canada. (Huffington Post)

The mainstream media is keeping this quiet but support for Bernie Sanders quickly ramping up. (US Uncut)

Don’t look now but Bernie might have a chance against Hillary. Whether or not you buy the poll numbers. (The Fix)

The portrayal of women in the WWE is starting to turn a corner but it’s a long way from being on par with the men. That’s not just an issue with women’s wrestling. It’s a symptom of a systemic problem with the WWE has in addressing their female audience. (Generic English Grad)

The New Generation Project Podcast’s Stewart Brookes goes over the ten silliest gimmicks in 1995 WWF. (Wrestling 20 Years Ago)

Twitter science says that Canadians are more polite than Americans. I guess that shouldn’t surprise anyone. (Vox)

That $1.4 billion lottery jackpot in America could only be worth $400 million to the winner if they take the lump sum and live in a state with high taxes. I’m sure most people could make do with that. (CNBC)

Piracy killed the movie industry to their biggest annual box office number ever in 2015. (TechDirt)

ECW’s innovator of violence, Tommy Dreamer, broke down tailgate wrestling moves by drunken Buffalo Bills fans. I’d watch this on a weekly basis.


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