Entertainment Link-Off: The Awakening

Maite-Perroni-SohoIt’s Saturday night and if you got nothing better to do (like me), then just read along for this week’s fix of the Entertainment Link-Off. Actually on second thought, I’ll just head out to see Creed this weekend. Reviews are flowing in and they’re looking very good. Not too sure who to start the ELO with this week but then I came across Maite Perroni’s latest photoshoot that was Star Wars themed. I still remember the good ol’ days when she was with the pop band RBD.

After the jump, watch out for Friday Night Lights the musical, Neil Blomkamp’s Alien sequel could have been awesome, Ridley Scott just wants to pump out more Prometheus films, a possible undead character from Game of Thrones, a few new trailers to check out including Captain America: Civil War and listen to Pentatonix channel their inner Star Wars. 

For those holding out for a feature film continuation of the Friday Night Lights series might have to wait a bit longer (if not forever). In the meantime, perhaps you can indulge in the unauthorized musical of the TV series? Oh by the way, take note of who will be playing Coach Taylor! (Slashfilm)

In a recent interview Michael Biehn revealed that Neil Blomkamp’s Alien sequel would have wiped out Alien 3 and 4. Also it would focus on a grown up Newt as the main protagonist! (Icons of Fright)

Looks like Neil’s plans might be delayed further because Ridley Scott isn’t planning on making Prometheus a trilogy, it’s a quadrilogy! That’s right. He’s planning on making 2 more follow up films after Alien: Covenant. (THR)

Tremors is looking to make a comeback. With Kevin Bacon on board, perhaps this will turn out to be better than those direct to video sequels and that other TV reboot attempt on the defunct Sci-Fi network. (Entertainment Weekly)

Looks like Star Wars: The Force Awakens is tracking to have a very big opening weekend! That being said, Disney is trying to downplay it a little bit. (Deadline)

The movie looks terrible already but now the director and the studio are taking the first step to apologize for having a whitewashed cast! Looks like Gods of Egypt will be a big bust at the box office. (Forbes)

The poster for Game of Thrones season 6 teases the possible return of a ‘dead’ character. (TV.com)

Comparing the Jessica Jones TV show to the comics. (Slashfilm)

The CW is making bold move to shift The Vampire Diaries and The Originals to the Friday night ‘death slot’ in order to launch Legends of Tomorrow and season 3 of The 100 on Thursdays. Are Friday nights still considered to be TV’s purgatory? (The TV Addict)

Taking a look back at Jimmy Kimmel’s awesome Star Wars special from Monday night. (The Daily Dot)

It was inevitable but FOX has finally done it. The studio has pulled Fantastic Four sequel off the release plans for 2017. (Cinema Blend)

A look at what turned The Martian into a hit movie and potential awards season contender. (Collider)

Latest TV spot for Star Wars: The Force Awakens focuses on the dark side. (TV Guide)

No need to wait for Star Wars: The Force Awakens to catch the trailer for Captain America: Civil War. It has appeared online this week already!

Now that you’ve watched it, there might be some details you may have missed. Allow the directors Joe and Anthony Russo reveal the hidden details in the above clip. (Collider)

Here’s a better look at DC’s Legend of Tomorrow! The show will start airing on The CW on January 21st! The countdown begins!

Yes it just might be more interesting to watch a ‘making-of’ feature rather than the Fantastic Four reboot.

Adele + Jimmy Fallon + The Roots + classroom instruments = magic!

Pentatonix did a pretty nifty tribute to Star Wars at the AMA’s last week. Too bad they were sorta drowned out by the orchestra towards the end.


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