Sunday Link-Off: Countdown to 42

aubrey-plaza-emmys15-01It hit me yesterday that we’re only eight days away from the 42nd Canadian federal election. The polls feel like they’ve been all over the place with all three parties getting a turn on top. Right now, it’s the Liberals on top but you can’t help but feel like the poll numbers will bring the parties together again.

Anyway, it’s the Sunday before Thanksgiving which means that it’s time for the links. Let’s kick off with Aubrey Plaza.

It’s eight days until the Canadian federal election. In case you needed help eliminating one of the three big parties from consideration on your ballot, read this. (Don’t Be A Fucking Idiot)

I think that advance polls are open today. You won’t be the only one voting early. On Friday, 850,000 people voted at an advanced poll which is a 26% increase over 2011. (CBC)

As we approach the anniversary of last year’s Ottawa shooting, MacLean’s looks at the men and women that ran to help Cpl. Nathan Cirillo. (MacLean’s)

Could the secret to some of Donald Trump’s success be how he’s using Twitter? (New York Times)

“So Carly Fiorina is just a bad person.” (Jezebel)

The future of writing on the internet might be a new annotation tool called Genius. (The Fix)

Now that he was cost-cut out of ESPN, MSNBC is looking to bolster their pundit lineup for 2016 by bringing back Keith Olbermann. (Mediaite)

Kim Davis has been given a half-million dollar offer to star in an interracial lesbian porn scene. It’s not like she’s ever going to get a better offer. (Mediaite)

Some columnist voices his displeasure with Family Feud by posting a bunch of the show’s funniest clips. That’s how you do clickbait. (New York Post)

Here’s a look inside the staffing of celebrity homes. It’s changed a little bit since Ben Affleck’s affair with his nanny. (The Hollywood Reporter)

When are broken ribs and a punctured lung considered a good result? When you’re Aussie Racing Cars driver Damien Flack and this is the crash that gave it to you.

Have you played the Star Wars: Battlefront beta? This video is probably better.

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