Entertainment Link-Off: So Far Away

jenna louise colemanSo NASA’s big announcement didn’t quite live up to the hype or expectations of most people but that won’t stop us from checking out The Martian. Sometimes a good sci-fi flick is all we need. Anyway, since it is autumn, most shows are coming back to the TV screens now. Plenty of things to check out at home and be a couch potato for a little while. I wasn’t sure who should start off the ELO, but then Jenna Louise Coleman popped up, so why not. Sadly she’ll be leaving after the current season of Dr. Who. 

After the jump, the Terminator may have been terminated, studios and directors don’t seem to get along, a look at the influence of John Oliver, Matt Damon’s movie career summed up in 8 minutes, Spider-Gwen, and action figures assemble!

Despite raking in the cash overseas, Terminator Genysis sequels are put on hold indefinitely by Paramount. (The Playlist)

Vin Diesel and the studio can’t seem to agree on who to direct Furious 8. Maybe ‘one last trilogy’ might not be such a good idea after all! (Slashfilm)

A look into why Rupert Wyatt is no longer directing Gambit. Not surprisingly, it has nothing to do with scheduling problems. (THR)

A look into how water on Mars would have affected the story of The Martian. (Mashable)

The Kingsman sequel is looking to start shooting in early 2016 but it might run into some scheduling issues with the rising popularity of its leading man Taron Egerton. (Collider)

Nicolas Cage has sure appeared in a lot of movies, to the point that his career seems to be defined more by how many films he can fit into a year rather than the quality of it. In a revealing interview, he looks back at the film choices he has made and who he would like to work with in the future. (Newsweek)

David Cronenberg turned down the directing gig for True Detective season 2 and he has a pretty solid reason why. (Collider)

John Oliver’s late night show may be having a bigger effect than you thought. Here’s a look at the John Oliver Effect. (Fortune)

It’s Mike Tyson vs Donnie Yen in the teaser trailer for Ip Man 3. Still no footage of the suggested CG Bruce Lee though.

Jessica Jones is kicking a lot of ass in the latest look at the upcoming Netflix series.

Leonardo DiCaprio is an angry man set on revenge in the awesome trailer for The Revenant.

Reliving Matt Damon’s career in about 8 minutes.

Matt Damon is making promo rounds for his latest film The Martian, so it would make sense that he would also appear on Jimmy Kimmel Live… to settle his ongoing feud with the talk show host.

Have a look at the nicely edited fan made  faux trailer for Spider-Gwen. The next female-led Marvel superhero flick.

For a good laugh, the gag reel from Avengers: Age of Ultron.

Latest Honest Trailers looks at The Avengers: Age of Ultron, the movie equivalent to throwing together everything from your toy box.


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