Entertainment Link-Off: Drying by Friction

alison brie mens healthIt’s Saturday, so it’s time for a quick weekly list of entertainment links. In cinemas this weekend, you can catch the hilarious rom-com Sleeping With Other People. I managed to catch this during the Melbourne International Film Festival not too long ago and it was good fun! The jokes were spot on and the supporting cast were simply amazing. Anyway, the flick stars SNL alum Jason Sudeikis and Community star Alison Brie. Let’s kick off the ELO with the leading lady.

After the jump, Marvel might have an issue with Arrow, Apple wants to make original programming, and catch some new music from Pentatonix.

First look at Diggle’s new outfit on Arrow… and it looks awfully like something Magneto would be wearing… (Entertainment Weekly)

Speaking of Arrow, could the show be teasing an appearance from the Green Lantern this coming season? (Screen Rant)

If you’re up for a bit of a laugh, here’s the Avengers: Age of Ultron gag reel. At least part of it anyway… (Yahoo)

Turns out the budget battles over Captain America: Civil War almost got Kevin Feige to quit Marvel. (Collider)

Benicio Del Toro confirms his role as the villain of Star Wars Episode VIII and also reveals when shooting is expected to begin! (Slashfilm)

Mark Ruffalo takes a moment to reveal why the Hulk is going to be missing from Captain America: Civil War. (Coming Soon)

The Scorch Trials isn’t even out yet but let’s go on to discuss about the third movie shall we? Director Wes Ball has revealed there will be a time jump between the second and the third film. (Collider)

Chloe Grace Moretz gets a dystopian YA adaptation/franchise on its way but the trailer for The Fifth Wave looks a bit underwhelming. (The Playlist)

There was some sad news earlier in the week when it was announced that horror legend Wes Craven has passed away at the age of 76. Meanwhile, director Edgar Wright writes a wonderful tribute in his blog. (Edgar Wright Here)

Despite his passing, it looks like Wes Craven’s current projects will live on. (THR)

Will Smith stars as Dr. Bennet Omalu as he takes on the NFL over the issue of concussions. (Sports Illustrated)

Meet the characters from Heroes Reborn. (The TV Addict)

Apple wants to join in on the online original content fun like Netflix or Amazon, but could it be a bad idea? (Vulture)

Just to tie you over for the new season of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, how about some Hitchcock and Scully webisodes? (FOX)

The first season was quite the ride and the trailer for iZombie season 2 looks to be living up to all the fun zombie goodness.

After that disastrous Jupiter Ascending, it looks like Eddie Redmayne might be headed back to the Oscar races in The Danish Girl. Also it should be interesting to note that Alicia Vikander will also be featured prominently in this feature and it will mark her sixth release this year!

New music recommendation of the week. Here’s the latest from Pentatonix “Can’t Sleep Love”.


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