Wednesday Link-Off: Money and Politics

sarah-silverman-hfpagrants15-01I know that I usually have a lot of links about politics in these posts but I’m throwing a few economics links in for good measure. You’d be amazed how dependent economic confidence is on just who is in office. You’d think that what they do would be the key factor but who is in charge and what they might do seem to be the biggest driving forces of the market.

Anyway, it’s Wednesday and that was a terrible intro so I suppose I should placate you with some links. Let’s start with Sarah Silverman.

Stock markets around the world have gone for a nasty drop over the last few days. The problem is that there aren’t many options left for governments worldwide to make a quick course correction. (Daily Intelligencer)

The trouble with lobbyists is how frightening their influence can be. H&R Block and Intuit got US Congress to make filing taxes harder for the layperson. (Vox)

Canadian defense minister Jason Kenney is a pretty key player in the Conservative government. He might actually help the election campaign if he was capable of regularly telling the truth on a more regular basis. (Press Progress)

While the religious right says that same-sex marriage is responsible for destroying society, the Ashley Madison scandal shows that traditional marriages are destroying traditional marriage well enough without the help. (Slate)

And speaking of the Ashley Madison hack, it just made for a turn for the ironic. Execs were openly talking about hacking a rival site to gain an advantage. (Motherboard)

The debate over how Amazon treats its employees might give way to a bigger debate in the working world. Is it just Amazon that treats employees like disposable and replaceable cogs or is it everyone? (New York Times)

Twitter shut down some 30 sites that have been archiving politicians’ deleted tweets. There are probably a few that are happy about that. (The Verge)

So Curt Schilling got suspended from ESPN for comparing Muslims to Nazis. And so my long pending review and/or let’s play of Schilling’s video game gets pushed back again. (Mediaite)

I stopped reading NFL writer Peter King years ago because he might have one good page in his column every two or three months. Anything he writes about “Deflategate” is certainly not one of those good things. (Awful Announcing)

Coming soon to an episode of Botchamania near you (besides all of Summerslam) is Codster9’s Goldeneye 64 ending.


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