Sunday Link-Off: On the Trail

nina-agdal-beachbunny15-12I’d say that the election campaigns north and south of the border are heating up but we’re in a bit of a lull. That’s to be expected, though. There is still two months until the Canadian federal election (#elxn42) and fifteen until the American one. With campaign happening constantly, albeit in an informal way, do we really need these mega campaigns?

Anyway, it’s time for us to do the links. Considering the heatwave that is sweeping through Canada right now, let’s start the post with Nina Agdal.

“Stephen Harper, the prime minister of Canada, is creating a legacy of secrecy and ignorance.” (New York Times)

Now that America has reopened diplomatic relations with Cuba, how will this affect Cuba? (The Atlantic)

Canadian negotiators of the Trans-Pacific Partnership went to Hawaii with a number of demands for the TPP. They caved on all of them. (Toronto Star)

And if you thought all the secrecy over the TPP was bad, Europe’s Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership is worse. (The Independent)

So despite that blowup at the face of Fox News, Donald Trump has managed to survive his feud with Megyn Kelly. How did he pull that off? (The New Yorker)

So how do you bolster your Republican Presidential campaign? By enacting a plan worth $250 million in government funds to help a large donor build a new basketball stadium. Right, Scott Walker? (Think Progress)

Do the ends ever justify the means? Following the escape of two killers from a New York prison, guards beat other prisoners for information. (New York Times)

Sesame Street is going to HBO as a network exclusive. Now, it’s not going to become NSFW but at least this means the show will stay on air. (Vanity Fair)

Speaking of moving TV shows, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos has admitted the new Clarkson, Hammond and May show will be very expensive. The Financial Times pegs a season’s cost at $250 million. (The Guardian)

BlackBerry is trying to make a comeback by using its hardware with Android instead of BBX. (Mashable)

And conveniently hidden at the bottom of the post is probably the juiciest link. Blind Gossip says that a married Presidential candidate had an affair with a female journalist. But who is it? (Blind Gossip)

What would a Ronda Rousey fight look like as a Pokemon duel?

Ron Funches tries to figure out who would actually want wrestling to be real.


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