E3 2015: PC Gaming Show Trailer Roundup

e3-2015-pc-gaming-show-headerFor the first time, E3 had a dedicated show for PC gaming. At some point, I’ll probably pontificate over the dangers of a marketing event that was put together by a video game magazine that supposedly provides independent journalism at another time. For now, a lot of smaller developers brought their new wares to E3 through this new PC gaming show. If you’re a fan of indies and didn’t like what you saw on consoles, this was definitely the conference for you. If you’re looking for triple-As, maybe next year.

No Man’s Sky

Killing Floor 2

American Truck Simulator

Eve: Valkyrie

Heroes of the Storm: Eternal Conflict Map

Pillars of Eternity: The White March – Part 1

Gears of War: Ultimate Edition

Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns Expansion

Arma III: Tanoa Expansion

Total War: Warhammer


Dirty Bomb

Take on Mars

Rising Storm 2: Vietnam

Planet Coaster

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