Sunday Link-Off: Press Play

paige-wwe15-01It’s the big day! WrestleMania: Play Button (because numbers make WrestleMania sound old) is today in Santa Clara with the pre-show starting at 5:00 PM EDT, matches starting at a rumoured 6:00 PM EDT and the show proper starting at 7:00 PM EDT. That’s some five hours of wrestling. Holy crap, that’s way too much.

Anyway, it’s time for the links. Since WrestleMania is today, I think it’s appropriate to lead this one off (or maybe we should say start the card) with Paige.

The Harper Government tried promoting Canadian energy in the US. It cost them $24 million in advertising. (CBC News)

The state of Indiana has passed the Religious Freedom Restoration Act. Basically, it allows people to use freedom of religion as a defense in legal matters. Yes, this includes invoking your religion to discriminate against people you don’t like. (BuzzFeed)

You’ve heard of Alcoholics Anonymous but you haven’t heard the scientific criticisms. Many doctors question the efficacy of the faith-based program. (The Atlantic)

With Jeremy Clarkson getting the boot, James May strongly hinting that he’s following Clarkson where he goes and Richard Hammond keeping quiet until the next offers start rolling in, it appears Top Gear is dead. Here’s a look at Clarkson’s time at the head of the world’s most popular motoring show and how he turned it into the worldwide phenomenon that we know and love. (Radio Times)

But Top Gear was about more than cars. That’s why we all loved the show. (Jalopnik)

Given how unpopular massive and expensive sporting events are becoming, the folks behind the Boston 2024 Olympic bid are planning a referendum to see if people actually want to host the Olympics. (New York Times)

Here’s a look at the history of EA Sports’ NHL game franchise which owes its existence, in part, to John Madden Football. (Read Only Memory)

Ever wonder how a WWE contract works? Forbes broke down how so you don’t have to give Meltzer $10 per month for the answer. Though, if you’re a wrestling fan, you should be giving Dave your money over Vince. (Forbes)

Well, I figured out why we’re getting a bunch of NewsRadio articles and it took this one Jackie sent to me to figure it out. This month is the 20th anniversary of one of the greatest sitcoms of all-time. In all seriousness, you wouldn’t be reading this if I never watched that show and wanted to be Bill McNeal. (Vox)

Today in WrestleMania videos, here’s a look at why wrestling fans hate wrestling.

And some WWE wrestlers went on a promotional tour that included… a visit to Smosh Games? I knew I needed my own Let’s Play channel on YouTube.


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