Entertainment Link-Off: To Infinity and Beyond

dakota johnsonLooks like we can finally catch a glimpse of the sci-fi epic Jupiter Ascending after several months delay this weekend. I suppose this will be good counter programming to Fifty Shades of Grey. Speaking of which, that film is making massive amounts of moolah right now. So let’s kick this off with Dakota Johnson, which apparently is the lone bright spot in the critically panned film. 

After the jump, Joss Whedon stripps Ultron of his powers, creating an ending to a movie seems to be an impossible mission, first look at Aquaman, a companion piece to Birdman, and some Game of Thrones bloopers to lighten up the mood.

So in the comics Ultron is pretty much unstoppable, but for the sake of the movie world, looks like Joss Whedon has dialed back a little on the super-villain’s powers. (Empire)

As a joke, an arrest warrant has been issued for Elsa for causing the unusually cold weather lately up in North America. (Uproxx)

Could Mission Impossible 5 be pulling a World War Z? Looks like production has hit a bit of a roadblock as they try to figure out an ending to the film. (The Hollywood Reporter)

In typical non-committal form, JJ Abrams shares that some of the rumours for the upcoming Star Wars flick are true. Too bad he didn’t specially say which ones. (BBC)

First look at Jason Momoa as Aquaman. Seems like they really like a toned down colour palette for the upcoming DC flicks. (Slashfilm)

Despite all the success so far, there seems to be some trouble brewing behind the scenes for the sequel to Fifty Shades of Grey. (Variety)

In some very encouraging news, Neill Blomkamp’s next film will be based on those awesome concept art for the Alien reimagining. (Collider)

Looks like Game of Thrones will deviate further from the source material as the producers behind the show are looking to kill off more characters that are still alive in the books! (Showbiz 411)

Guillermo del Toro is a great storyteller and he does have a knack for some good chills in horror flicks. Check out the first look for the star-studded haunted house flick Crimson Peak. (Apple)

For your Oscars consideration, how about Big Birdman?

For a good laugh, this is what happens when Harry Potter encounters muggles magic.

The Honest Trailer for Boyhood is not a fan of Boyhood.

Since Game of Thrones is all doom and gloom, perhaps it’s a little refreshing to check out the latest batch of bloopers from last season?

Another week, another new episode of David, the webseries. Episode 6 it is!


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