Entertainment Link-Off: One Less Problem

felicity-jones-film-festivalIt’s the last day of January, and it just so happens to land on a Saturday, so here’s the last ELO of the month! Kicking things off is Felicity Jones. I recently saw The Theory of Everything, which happens to be a fantastic film and all the acting performances were indeed very good. 

After the jump, so notes on Game of Thrones, Jupiter Ascending isn’t really trending upwards, Fantastic Four gets very serious and watch Team Coco tackle Mortal Kombat X!

Quick. Watch the new Game of Thrones season 5 trailer before it gets taken down!

In other Game of Thrones related news that surprises no one, the next novel installment is nowhere near complete as George R.R. Martin does not anticipate a 2015 release for Winds of Winter. (Collider)

Ezra Miller reveals how he got the part for The Flash in the upcoming DC-related films. While Ezra Miller is a fine actor, I just can’t seem to picture anyone but Grant Gustin in that role all thanks to the superb CW series right now. (MTV)

Catch a little tease of the genetically modified dino in the upcoming Jurrasic World. (Screen Crush)

I was really looking forward to Jupiter Ascending but it looks like it got a rather lukewarm reception at the Sundance Film Festival. (Variety)

There are rumblings at FOX as they are in preliminary talks to bring the X-Men to the TV screens. (The Hollywood Reporter)

Looks like the Heroes supervillain isn’t returning as Zachary Quinto has turned down the chance to reprise his breakthrough role. (Slashfilm)

Joss Whedon discusses sexism and misogyny in the comic book movie world. (Digital Spy)

The Flash showrunner discusses about Dr. Wells, Joe’s secret and Barry’s new love interest on the show. (TV Line)

ABC may be trying to promote its new midseason comedy series Fresh Off the Boat but it looks like they may have taken the wrong step. (Mashable)

Here’s something a bit nostalgic. The cast of Full House, well most of them anyway, reunite and serenade the show’s creator with the theme song. (Entertainment Weekly)

As NBC’s Parenthood came to an end, here’s a look at the evolution of family dramas on TV. (Mashable)

The teaser trailer for Fantastic Four gets -very- serious. Don’t you get that Interstellar feel to it?

Catch the Superbowl pregame trailer for Insurgent. The trailer doesn’t show much, but I want to emphasize on the fact that it is a ‘pregame’ trailer. The studio probably didn’t want to spend $4.5 million for a 30 second spot during the actual game.

I truly enjoyed The Maze Runner, so I’m looking forward to the next installment in September. Anyway, Honest Trailers tackles the first film of the series.

The jokes are just flat out hilarious. Let’s hope the full length feature of Ted 2 will live up to this preview.

Here’s an action heavy Superbowl spot for Terminator Genisys.

Watch Conan bring in Marshawn Lynch and Rob Gronkowski to play the not-yet-released Mortal Kombat X. Hilarity ensues.

Here’s another fine case when a cover outshines the original song. Hozier covers Ariana Grande’s “Problem” and transforms it into a much tolerable tune.

For those who have been following, here is episode 4 of David! Enjoy.


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