Wednesday Link-Off: (Not) Snowed In

sarah-stephens-agentprovocateur15-01I don’t know how but my hometown managed to avoid this seemingly apocalyptic snowstorm that hit most of the Eastern US. I’m not complaining since the snowbanks are way too high as it is but we’ve gotten all the rest of the snow this year so why not this too?

So now it’s time to kick off the links. Let’s heat things up from the start with Sarah Stephens.

What is middle-class per the Conservative government? That would be families who earn over $120,000. (Yahoo News)

Speaking of big money and politics, the Republican National Committee could spend nearly one billion dollars to win the White House in 2016. (Politico)

The man who will lead the Greek economy is the same man Valve had leading the Steam Market. (International Business Time)

Russia/Western relations aren’t going to get better anytime soon. The inquiry into the radiation poisoning death of Alexander Litvinenko heard that it was Vlad Putin’s orders. (The Guardian)

It’s time that professional sports opens up itself to legalized gambling. (New York Times)

A legalized gambling story would be a Godsend for NFL commissioner Roger Goodell. However, his season has instead been plagued by scandal. (GQ)

The Argos ran an anti-domestic violence campaign that fell victim to a human rights complaint. What is this world coming to? (Deadspin)

Is it possible that #DeflateGate/#Ballghazi is all just an NFL sting operation to further tarnish the Patriots? (Yahoo Sports)

Malaysia Airlines’ website has hacked and given a “404 – Plane Not Found” message. (Wall Street Journal)

The WWE probably couldn’t have handled the Royal Rumble any worse than they did. Maybe Vince McMahon is out of touch.


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