Entertainment Link-Off: Brand New Year

karen gillan spectrum 12015 is here! Fresh start to the new year but it looks like people are still in holiday mode, so it’s another somewhat slow week. Let’s kick off the ELO entry of 2015 with Karen Gillan. It’s too bad her latest show Selfie got canned by ABC. Woulda been nice to have her in the weekly fixtures of the TV viewing schedule. 

After the jump, Neill Blomkamp shares some very impressive concept art for his never-been-made Alien film, Oscar flicks getting their annual bashing before award season, Sam Raimi admits Spider-Man 3 was awful, and enjoy some music to your ears in the music recommendation(s) of the week.

Neill Blomkamp shared some concept art from his work on the secret Alien movie is so good that it makes us mad that FOX decided to go forward with Prometheus instead of this! (io9)

If you’re looking forward to the Rogue cut of X-Men: Days of Future Past, expect it sometime during summer of 2015! (Slashfilm)

A look into how Oscar hopefuls annually get criticisms out of left field just as awards season is around the corner. (Mashable)

Not feeling the love from the cinemas lately since movie attendance has hit a 20 year low in 2014. (The Hollywood Reporter)

It’s always refreshing to see a director be so candid about his films and talk about past failures. Sam Raimi didn’t hold back when discussing Spider-Man 3 and turns out he wasn’t a fan of his latest effort Oz: The Great and Powerful either. (Pajiba)

Watch a hilarious cut of the worst movies of 2014 reviewing themselves. (Yahoo)

Now that’s an awesome plan! A defector plans to balloon drop The Interview into North Korea. (Mashable)

Chris Rock shared that he coulda been the first to do a halftime comedy show at the Superbowl back in 2004 instead of having the usual musical performances. (Flavorwire)

Once again Game of Thrones tops the most pirated show of the year. (Entertainment Weekly)

Now that is just plain evil. Have a look at the ant-sized trailer for Ant-Man. Lemme know if you can actually see what’s going on here because most of us can’t! I guess we’ll have to wait til Tuesday for a proper look into the movie.

It might be too late for you now, but save this for next new year’s eve. John Oliver shares some tips on how you can back out of undesirable nye celebrations.

David Choi is back in 2015 with a vengeance. Have a look at his latest effort in a web-series that is loosely based on his life. Have a look at the trailer for “David”.

I could listen to this all day. David So shares his cover of Honeymoon Avenue and it sounds way better than the original.

Check out the mashup of Taylor Swift’s Blank Space and Style.

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