Wednesday Link-Off: 2014 in Review

anna-kendrick-unicef14-01Hello and welcome to the annual year-in-review linkdump on The Lowdown. Oddly enough, there weren’t many good recap posts that I found this year. 

And, as always, the year-in-review linkdump also coincides with naming our woman of the year. Using the scientific analysis criteria of the blog’s traffic, posts, comments and so on, our 2014 woman of the year is Anna Kendrick.

A lot of people had bad 2014s but few were worse than Barack Obama’s. (Washington Post)

There were new scandals every day of the year as people got outraged over something and took to social media to share their outrage. (Slate)

It wasn’t just in Washington that people had bad years. Some folks in Toronto had bad years too. (Torontoist)

Even before Hollywood learned not to cave to cyberterrorists, there were plenty of lessons for them to learn from the year at the movies. (io9)

You probably noticed but this year wasn’t too bad for new TV shows. Sure, the awards people seldom notice these things but your friends probably did. (Collider)

And perhaps you’re more of a comic reader than a TV watcher. Well, here are the best comics of 2014. (Mental Floss)

Canadian media group QMI Agency named Justin Bieber the most annoying celebrity of 2014. Has he not earned a lifetime achievement award by this point? (London Free Press)

We don’t talk about hockey as much as we used to on the blog. To make up for it, here’s a look at the best and worst of the year that was in hockey. (Puck Daddy)

And instead of the best and worst, how about just the worst in the world of sports commercials in 2014. (New York Daily News)

Ahead of any potential festivities for this evening, John Oliver has some advice and life lessons for you.


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