Sunday Link-Off: Christmas Shopping Scramble

alyssa-barbara-14-01I know that malls and such are open for the next three days but this is the last real chance that most people will get to go shopping for Christmas presents. I lucked out because I only had four or so shops to run to yesterday so my day wasn’t too bad. Funnily enough, there were more people at the liquor store yesterday than at the mall. I can understand. I need booze to deal with my relatives too.

So a couple of hours late, it’s time for the Sunday links. To kick things off, here’s Canadian model Alyssa Barbara. You know, I’m thinking of bringing back the old Hottest Canadian bracket in 2015. I think she’d fit right into the top 32.

We’re nearly two years from the start of another Presidential campaign and already we’re having fact checking issues at big publications. The NYT, for example, already attempted a derail of the Clinton campaign with a poorly fact-checked story. (Media Matters)

Jeb Bush is thinking about making a run for the White House. After Bush 43, would America even consider a Bush 45? (Vice)

Great news! Science says that moderate alcohol consumption helps boost your immune system. (Mother Jones)

The Human Rights Foundation is planning to airdrop copies of The Interview into North Korea by baloon. Marks for creativity. (Mediaite)

Sony caving on The Interview has, if nothing else, set a very dangerous precedent for future cyberterrorist attacks against private corporations. (The Concourse)

TNR does an in-depth look at the reporting done by NBA reporter Adrian Wojnarowski that’s part hit-piece and part praise. (The New Republic)

Those migrant workers in Qatar aren’t just being put to use as near slave labour but they’re conscripted fans for sports events. (AP)

Economic sanctions and the falling value of the Ruble is crippling Russia’s KHL. (The Globe and Mail)

Legalized sports gambling in Canada could be coming early next year. It’s a multi-billion dollar industry in the country but it’s estimated that less than 10% of sports gambling goes through legal channels. Sports leagues don’t like this but it’s good for the Canadian people. (TSN)

David Shoemaker called NXT Takeover: [R]Evolution the best wrestling show of the year. Yes, I’m still talking about how much better WWE developmental is than WWE proper. (The Masked Man)

It’s probably a bit late for the holiday movie rerun season but here’s a ranking of the best booby traps in Home Alone. (Uproxx Movies)

Oxford credits the creation of the word “meh” to The Simpsons. That’s just one of many English words inventred by the iconic TV series. (Oxford Dictionaries)

I’m not finding much worth putting on the blog on YouTube lately. The best I can do is this tribute to Roddy Piper’s eyepoke.


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