Entertainment Link-Off: Assemble!

anna-kendrick-marieclareIt’s G20 weekend! At least it seems like a big deal here in Australia as the spotlight is all over Brisbane at the moment. Actually, the spotlight is on Barack Obama and everyone in town just wants to smell what the Barack is cookin’ this weekend. Anyway, it’s Saturday, so it’s time for another edition of the Entertainment Link-Off. Let’s kick it all off with Anna Kendrick from her latest shoot with Marie Claire. Awesome tidbit. She was drunk during the interview with the magazine.

After the jump. Steven Segal likes to recycle his movie posters, Fast and Furious is still moving forward because Universal wants to keep making money, Benedict Cumberbatch shows that he is a fine actor once again, and catch a hilarious mock trailer on prequels.

So Steven Segal has been in 43 movies during his action movies hurrah in the 90s. Can you guess how many of those movie posters don’t feature him holding a gun in it? (Slashfilm)

So the new 50 Shades of Grey trailer continues to be a bit of a tease while featuring Beyonce quasi-butchering her own classic song. (Twitter)

Speaking of trailers for film adaptations of novels, the second film in the Divergent series, Insurgent, now has a teaser trailer out to wet your appetites.

Here’s something interesting. James Gunn discusses about the alternate endings he had in mind for Guardians of the Galaxy. Too bad they didn’t make the cut for the DVD/Blu-ray release. (Slashfilm)

Despite departing the Fast and Furious franchise earlier, it looks like Justin Lin is circling back to make the possible ‘final’ two films of the franchise back to back. (Deadline)

Ok spoke too soon. Universal doesn’t want Fast and Furious to end. They plan for even more sequels along the way. (Entertainment Weekly)

Christopher Nolan is taking the criticisms about the science of Interstellar in stride. Interesting how people like to pick apart the science in his films but not so much in other sci-fi properies. (Daily Beast)

A look into the toughest timeslots in primetime network TV! (Medialife Magazine)

Well this is quite funny indeed. John Oliver may have branched out from The Daily Show, but his current gig is now outperforming his competition Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert! (Vulture)

First look at Katie Cassidy as the Black Canary! (TV Line)

The quality of CW shows are improving and it certainly deserves a few more eyeballs. (Indiewire)

Watch Benedict Cumberbatch do 11 celebrity impressions in 60 seconds. Not bad. Not bad at all. (io9)

An oral history of the once great but short lived TV show Sports Night featuring Aaron Sorkin and the original cast! (Entertainment Weekly)

The new trailer for Avengers: Age of Ultron is out! While it still looks cool, it doesn’t flow quite as well as the teaser that was released earlier.

Channing Tatum is making the media rounds to promote Foxcatcher. In one of his stops, he takes on Jimmy Fallon in an epic Box of Lies.

So prequels are overdone these days and here is the hilarious parody trailer for Gotham Begins… which is a prequel to Gotham (which is already a prequel to Batman… or whatever).


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