Wednesday Link-Off: Did You Know?

amy-adams-artfilm14-002I could be wrong but the Jian Ghomeshi story could end up being one of the most important ones in a long while in Canada.  A number of people I know went from doubting Ghomeshi’s accusers for a variety of reasons to eventually coming around to the accuser’s side. It looks like the discussion around the so-called “rape culture” is changing and we aren’t so dismissive of women who accuse men of abusing them. Hopefully this continues the next time we see this story.

Anyway, it’s time for the links. Here’s Amy Adams.

Donovan, the Toronto Star’s superstar investigative reporter, talks about his dinner with Jian Ghomeshi during the investigation. (Toronto Star)

The other man on that Ghomeshi report, Jesse Brown, talks to a former Q staffer about Ghomeshi and what he saw. (Canadaland)

Toronto Star commentator Jia Junaid was originally a skeptic of Jian Ghomeshi’s accusers but not unlike many Canadians, she’s changed her tune. (Toronto Star)

Part of the Ghomeshi fallout is Canadian singer Lights has dropped Ghomeshi from his post as her manager. (Huffington Post)

Public Safety Minister Steven Blaney says that the shooter of Cpl. Nathan Cirillo had “mental health problems, drug addiction and extremist ideology” and seemed to distance himself from putting this on ISIS. (The Globe and Mail)

So the US midterm elections were last night. Results weren’t in when I wrote it but I already know that this won’t help partisan politics. Neither will John Boehner’s lawsuit against President Obama that is so frivolous that two lawyers have passed on it. (Vox)

We’re hearing less and less about ebola each day but that doesn’t mean that it’s getting any better. In fact, the situation could turn much worse at any moment. (Yahoo News)

With more and more companies opening stores on Thanksgiving Day to get ahead of Black Friday sales, some big companies are bucking the trend and trying to get others to do so as well. (Time Money)

LeBron James’ return to Cleveland will do great things for the Cavaliers but he’s already helping out the local economy. (Newsday)

Is sexism rampant behind closed doors in junior hockey? That’s a possibility based on what OHL players are writing to women on Tinder. (Yahoo Sports)

Typos don’t mean that you’re dumb. Apparently it’s a sign of how your brain multitasks your writing. (BBC)

Two of the last four NASCAR Sprint Cup races have ended in brawls. I think this new Chase format is certainly drumming up excitement.


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