Wednesday Link-Off: The Old Guard and New

genevieve-morton-sisouthafrica14-04Well, this was certainly an interesting week to live in Ontario. First, the CBC Radio’s top daytime host is fired after they found out about a number of allegations involving sexual harassment and non-consensual sexual violence which resulted in him filing a lawsuit. There were municipal elections across the province that saw Rob Ford become a Toronto city councillor and Doug just miss becoming mayor. And I’m sure there’s loads more that happened that I’m not covering in today’s links.

But before we get to today’s links, here’s Genevieve Morton.

Unless you’ve been under a rock this week, CBC Radio host Jian Ghomeshi was fired after a number of allegations of non-consensual sexual violence and sexual harassment. (Toronto Star)

One expert analysed the Star’s story and Ghomeshi’s statement and looked at the real issues and inconsistencies in the stories. (Sex Geek)

Many people don’t believe the accusations against Ghomeshi because the accusers aren’t going to police and have chosen to remain anonymous. However, they’re taking this course of action because of a fear of harassment and threats. (New York Times)

Ghomeshi filed a $55 million lawsuit against the CBC over his dismissal but one lawyer for a leading Toronto law firm thinks it’s all part of the PR strategy rather than a proper lawsuit. (Toronto Star)

By the way, here’s the CBC Code of Conduct. (CBC Radio-Canada) The part you’re looking for is 3.1 which reads “CBC/Radio-Canada employees shall serve the public interest by acting at all times with integrity and in a manner that will bear the closest public scrutiny, an obligation that may not be fully satisfied by simply acting within the law.” I’m no legal expert but as a member of the public, a man accused by several women of sexual harassment and non-consensual sexual violence… Well, pick either one and my public scrutiny of him will be the same.

You’ve heard about ISIS beheadings but there is a lot worse that comes prior to that. (New York Times)

Outside of organized terror groups, there is a growing concern over “lone wolf” terrorists. They might be used as the excuse for the launch of the security state. (Vice)

The owner of the Philadelphia Inquirer, Daily News and says that the outlets won’t endorse anyone for governor. That’s a result of the owner contributing $250,000 to the incumbent governor’s campaign. (Romenesko)

The problem with that is newspaper endorsements might see like the product of the old guard but they can still impact an election. (Vox)

With the New Orleans and Charlotte NBA franchises changing their names to something a bit more historic for their towns, let’s look back at the Vancouver Grizzlies which moved to Memphis and never changed names or was mentioned again. (National Post)

John Schneider and Tom Wopat, AKA Bo and Luke Duke, are making a Christmas album. Awesomeballs! (Uproxx)

So Extra Life was this weekend (I’m aiming for a Lowdown Blog / et geekera Extra Life stream next year). The highlight was LeVar Burton reading Go The Fuck To Sleep.

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