Sunday Link-Off: The Family Legacy

melanie-iglesias-newyorkpost14-02Well, if you’re a fan of Toronto or Canadian politics, you’ve picked the right week to check out the Sunday links. All Canadians are talking about is Rob Ford. Even the Oscar Pistorius news is tertiary to the municipal politics of Toronto. I guess that’s what happens when said municipal politics features an admitted crack user as the mayor and an alleged drug dealer as his brother’s replacement in the election.

But before we get into that and all the other Sunday links, here’s American model Melanie Iglesias.

It’s a rare look inside a dying mayoral campaign with now-former Toronto mayoral candidate David Soknacki. One of his campaign staff went on the record to say that Toronto voters elected Rob Ford in 2010 because they were “very superficial.” And you wonder why his campaign was going so badly that he withdrew. (Torontoist)

And given that Mayor Ford is in hospital with an abdominal tumour, his brother Doug is carrying the family name in the mayoral race while Rob will run for Ward 2 council. While Rob was in with a shot at being re-elected, pundits aren’t holding out hope for Doug. (MacLean’s)

Mayor Ford’s former chief of staff, Mark Towhey, is working on a “tell-all” book about his time with the Ford administration. Conveniently, it’s coming out six days before the election. (

The Liberals want to fight fire with fire. While the Conservative Party is trying to kill democracy with the so-called Fair Elections Act which would erode the left’s voter base by making it difficult to vote, the Liberal Party is trying to drum up support for mandatory voting which would boost the left’s support and cripple the Conservatives. (The Hill Times)

America was tired of the excessively interventionist George W. Bush presidency when they elected Barack Obama. Now, they’re tired of the semi-interventionist Obama foreign policy and want someone tougher on foreign affairs. That might leave former Republican frontrunner Rand Paul out in the cold as he wants to go completely hands-off in an America that wants America to still be the world’s police. (The Daily Beast)

There’s a sexual assault problem in the US military but it’s not limited to women. Thirty-eight men are sexually assaulted every day but the military culture means few are reported and almost nothing is done about it. (GQ)

Government ministers are currently in a feud with the Official Languages Commissioner over whether they have to tweet in both official languages when tweeting about government business. They’re threatening to leave Twitter if forced to tweet in both languages. (The Globe and Mail)

The New York Mets’ former head of marketing and ticket sales was dismissed after the team COO made repeated disparaging remarks about her being pregnant and single (allegedly). She’s now suing the team for damages. Sports is a hell of a backwards society, isn’t it? (New York Post)

Here’s a shocker: The more people know about the state of immigration in their country, the less they are anti-immigrant. (Qz)

Masai Ujiri, the Nigerian-born GM of the Toronto Raptors, weighs in on Atlanta Hawks GM Danny Ferry referring to South Sudanese player Luol Deng as “having a little African in him.” (The Globe and Mail)

Sarah Palin and family got into a drunken brawl at a house party recently. And you thought that Rob Ford’s drunken stupors were the height of embarrassment for politicians. (New York Post)

I didn’t even knew that Ariana Grande existed before she turned up as part of The Fappening but apparently she thinks that she’s famous. She cancelled a press day mid-photo shoot and pre-interviews after throwing a strop over not liking photos or lighting or basically anything that was happening that day. (

Two US Senators, one Republican and one Democrat, are pitted against each other on a deserted island and fighting for survival… Or something like that. Two Senators are going to be on a reality TV show that sadly isn’t The Running Man. (Washington Post)

The upcoming space sim Star Citizen released a new trailer that’s a parody of Top Gear. It starts out really good with the Clarkson parody but kinda falls off the end as he ends up being closer to Hammond. Still, not a bad effort for the game that has raised the most money through crowdfunding in history.


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