Sunday Link-Off: Working for the (Long) Weekend

danielle-knudson-bodycentral14-06It’s time for the final long weekend of the summer. Get your white wearing done this weekend because it’s Labour Day weekend. I’d say that you should also get some barbecuing in this weekend but the weather is shit now but it’s really been kinda poor all summer.

Anyway, it’s Sunday so that means that we’re here to do the links. Let’s kick things off with Canadian model Danielle Knudson.

Writing a gaming blog, I’ve been reading all about misogyny in gaming for the last couple of weeks and it got to the point that there was no other news people were reporting so I’ve taken a short break to let the news refresh itself. However, gaming is far from the only remaining home of misogyny. One US Senator has revealed that she’s being sexually harassed by fellow lawmakers. (Think Progress)

Rob Ford is back in the Toronto mayoral race. Could he make the comeback of the century. (ThreeHundredEight)

The sad state of Frosh Week at my old haunt of UWO… Move-in volunteers aren’t allowed to touch a box with alcohol branding on it for fear of the photo being spun against UWO by saying university students drink. (National Post) Oh, and The Gazette was drivel when I went to Western and it should surprise anyone that it’s still pissing people off now.

Canada is a traditionally polite nation but things have changed since the start of the Harper Government. As such, their attitude toward Russia is just so… American. (BBC News)

We’re used to scads of Conservative attack ads but it seems that they’re going harder than ever at Justin Trudeau. What is it about him that the Blues hate so much? (MacLean’s)

Two Canadian women drank their duty-free alcohol in a plane’s bathroom, triggered the fire alarm with a cigarette and got into a fight with each other, forcing a Sunwing flight bound for Cuba to return to Toronto. Oh Canada. (Sydney Morning Herald)

Given that this is a long weekend and the NFL is coming back in a few days, take a glance at this lengthy Jerry Jones profile. (ESPN)

How much is NASCAR’s #2 series worth to sponsors? Well, to Comcast, it’s worth $20 million per year for the title sponsorship. (Sports Business Daily)

In their continuing look back at the first 40 years of SNL, Grantland looks at the impact Phil Hartman had on the various shows he starred in. (Grantland)

How did Tim’s celebrate the Burger King sale? By creating the Buffalo Crunch Donut. Okay, that might not be entirely true but it’s a good story. (Grubstreet)


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