Wednesday Link-Off: And It’s Only Wednesday

michea-crawford-agentprovocateur14-08So I was having a conversation at my day job yesterday talking about plans for the rest of the week. However, my rest of the week plans were only for Thursday and Friday because I was convinced that yesterday was Wednesday. You would think that working on my usual Wednesday post yesterday would have tipped me off but I’ve had a long week this week and it’s only Wednesday.

But since it’s Wednesday, it’s time for the links. Let’s start with Canadian model Michea Crawford.

It doesn’t matter where you work or what you do, you have a right to a safe workplace, both mentally and physically. Writers at Jezebel have seen their mental well-being come under threat as anonymous accounts are posting rape GIFs on their website but Gawker won’t do anything to deal with it. (Jezebel)

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford received a bomb threat telling him to resign or be blown up. Smoking crack on camera multiple times didn’t stop him. A bomb threat didn’t either. (National Post)

Education might not be the great equalizer after all. A recent study shows black men need more education than their white counterparts to get a job. (The Atlantic)

Big media keeps spinning off newspapers from their conglomerates. Is this the beginning of the end of newspapers or the beginning of a major shift in the industry? (New York Times)

In a rare treat, we have two links about the same story. Deion Sanders’ Prime Prep Academy is supposed to be an educational institute with a world-class athletics program. That’s only partially true. It has the athletics program… Education, not so much. (New York Times | Al Jazeera America)

A political and economic analysis of the history of professional wrestling? There’s no way I’m not linking to that. (Deadspin)

MMA fighter War Machine nearly beat his ex-girlfriend to death, is on the run from the law and took to Twitter to say it was self-defense. I’m sure beating someone nearly to death is self-defense… Nearly rolled my eyes permanently into the back of my head at that. (With Leather)

And now Dog the Bounty Hunter is on the case. I’m not sure if this is even real life anymore. (Larry Brown Sports)

Jerry Jones says that the photos of him with two strippers was misinterpreted. So if they weren’t strippers, they were? (The Big Lead)

ESPN suspended Dan LeBatard for a joke billboard about LeBron James. ESPN’s higher higher-ups thought the suspension was so dumb, they let Dan tell his side of the story in a column. (

CBS Sports is launching a one-hour weekly talk show they call “The View meets Pardon the Interruption” that will feature an all-female cast. The only problem is that it’s clearly just a PR move without any real attention paid to diversity. (Deadspin)

Comedian Russell Brand talks about the importance of Robin Williams and why everyone is heartbroken that he’s dead. (The Guardian)

The Tomb Raider sequel is going to be an Xbox One exclusive. Angry Joe has an epic rant about it that gamers should watch.


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