Wednesday Link-Off: All The Write Stuff

nina-agdal-soliver14-02I know that only writers and aspiring writers care about writing and other writers but there are a lot of links today about sports writers and sports writing. That might not be everyone’s cup of tea but hopefully there’s a link for everyone in today’s post.

But before we get to the links, let’s start with Nina Agdal.

Texas’ war on abortions isn’t really doing much to promote the “right to life” of unborn children as endangering them and their mothers when they look for abortions. (Washington Post)

The UN has released satellite photos showing Gaza before and after Israel bombarded it. (Sploid)

It seems like it might just be a coincidence but your name might an impact on your life. (The Atlantic)

Stephen A. Smith deserves all the crap he’s getting for blaming beaten women for getting beaten but he’s just part of an ESPN culture that encourages no one to have a different attitude. (New York Post) However, given how many women I know who are infatuated with Drake (a couple of friends just scurried off to watch him [and One Direction] in concert), can someone fact check Drake’s lyrics with respect to women?

Peter King is often considered one of the football’s best writers but that’s according to other insufferable middle-aged white men who overvalue the importance of and their importance to discourse about professional sports. In reality, Peter King isn’t in the sports writing business. Peter King is in the Peter King business. (Deadspin)

But why listen to me bang on about the lack of importance of sports writing when the New York Times can say it more eloquently than I. (NYT)

The Boston Red Sox fire sale was out of character for the perennial playoff contender but it was the culmination of two weeks’ work. (Boston Globe)

And back to football. Here’s Jerry Jones doing… something… with some pornstars. It’s safe for work, if that makes you feel any better. (Deadspin)

It’s a Deadspin sort of day around here. Dan Snyder’s content partnership is just the latest and most obvious way he’s tried to influence the Washington media coverage of his football team. He has a history of buying favourable coverage. (Deadspin)

You can do fantasy and development camps for absolutely everything in sports nowadays. That includes broadcasting. (Wall Street Journal)

As his run on the Late Show comes to an end, here’s how Stupid Pet Trick became a Letterman staple. (The Hollywood Reporter)

Move over Amy’s Baking Company, a hotel in New York is fining guests who post negative reviews on Yelp. Wait until Gordon does this place on Hotel Hell. (Page Six)

Not much on the YouTube front this week. How about we go with John Oliver on the blurring lines between editorial and news content and advertising?


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