Wednesday Link-Off: Coming and Going

anna-kendrick-elle14-03I don’t know how I’ve managed to get so unbelievably busy that I’m losing track of what blogging needs to be done. I nearly missed yesterday, I haven’t started on Thursday’s F1 Power Rankings and I didn’t get a chance to do the 24 Hours of Le Mans write-up. Well, maybe next week will be better.

In the meantime, it’s time for the links. Here’s blog favourite Anna Kendrick.

Hold on to your butts! Rob Ford is coming back to Toronto returning to his old job. This should be fun. (Toronto Sun)

So while Ford won’t resign after admitting to smoking crack, London mayor Joe Fontana resigned after a fraud conviction. How does that work? (The Globe and Mail)

Fake Twitter followers is a common thing on Twitter but could the prevalence of fake followers affect how pundits assess politicians’ chances in upcoming election. (Politico)

Who’s the real MVP of the LA Kings? That would be Pat Donahue Jr., the man behind the team’s Twitter account. (LA Weekly)

Is the latest news about Michael Schumacher actually good news? Former FIA technical delegate Gary Hartstein gives his take. (Former F1 Doc)

NASCAR is closing in on a title sponsor for their triple-A Nationwide Series. The current frontrunner is Comcast Xfinity. (Sports Business Journal)

Here’s an odd racing story for you: A man interrupted a club race at Brands Hatch last weekend by driving his road car onto the track while action was ongoing. (Autosport)

How does a player go about getting an agent and playing his way to the NHL? Former prop player turned hockey blogger Justin Bourne tells his tale. (The Score)

I don’t know if you heard but Terry Richardson isn’t the most reputable person in the world. Another model has accused him of untoward behaviour. (The Independent)

Well, Fallon’s Tonight Show stint has to be good for something. Here’s Brian Williams rapping Baby Got Back.

Sam Jackson can still do his famous speech from Pulp Fiction off the top of his head.


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