Entertainment Link-Off: Going Nuclear

elizabeth olsenAfter a lengthy wait, it’s finally here! Godzilla is back on the big screen and yes it is way better than that 1998 travesty. Though I have to warn viewers, if you’re only in it for big fight/action sequences, you might be disappointed. Anyway, the cast for the movie is pretty solid and you can catch Elizabeth Olsen in part of that ensemble. 

After the jump, news on other monster flicks, a look into the 2014 fall TV season, the decline of movie-going experiences, don’t blink or you’ll miss The Flash and catch the fan made trailer for Akira.

While Gareth Edwards has moved onto bigger monster movies *ahem Godzilla*. There is a sequel to the flick Monsters that he made back in 2010. Have a look at some desert bugs in Monsters: Dark Continent. (IGN)

Pacific Rim 2 is happening but no one is in a rush to make it happen though. (I Am Rogue)

It looks like Channing Tatum will get his shot at becoming the fan-favourite mutant Gambit. I guess Taylor Kitsch didn’t knock it out of the ballpark when he had the role a few years back. (Total Film)

Recently the networks had their upfront presentations. If you want the full intel on the pilots of the upcoming fall season, have a look here! It is simply listed in the order of how quickly they will be cancelled. (The Wire)

Figuring out why CBS decided to pass on the How I Met Your Dad pilot… and it is probably not because of your angry tweets. (Vulture)

Turns out a lot of people are naming their kids after Game of Throne characters. (Entertainment Weekly)

Bad news Canadian movie-goers. If you want the good seats in a theatre and you just happen to be watching it at a Cineplex Odeon cinemas, it looks like you’re gonna have to fork out an extra bit of cash. (The Toronto Star)

While we’re on the topic of movie-going experiences going down the drain, apparently in New York, you can now catch films in a hot tub. (Slashfilm)

Mark your calendars. The Steven Speilberg produced Halo live action series is looking to premiere in 2015. (Variety)

The new trailer for Transformers: Age of Extinction is really more of the same thing. (Apple)

Ever since Zack Snyder released the first image of Ben Affleck as Batman in Batman vs. Superman, it has turned into a monster of its own. Have a look at the Sad Batman meme. (The Verge)

Like any other Christopher Nolan flick, you can watch the trailer all you want, but it doesn’t reveal much about the movie. Have a look at his latest Interstellar.

Fun little teaser for The Flash featuring the Green Arrow.

The extended trailer for The Flash is out and it looks like another solid show on the CW schedule this fall.

Game of Thrones gets the Law and Order treatment.

Hollywood has always been salivating at the idea of adapting Akira to the big screen but they have always encountered some sort of roadblock along the way. Whether it is the story or the ballooning budget, it has never made its way past the development stages. Anyway, The Akira Project shows us that it can be made and a crowd-funded trailer has been produced and it looks solid enough to get filmmakers to give it another consideration.


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