Weekend Geek Links of the Week

Hasbro is launching a special edition of Monopoly that will include the most popular house rules as official rules of the game. Is nothing sacred anymore? [New York Times]

Astronomers have found the first asteroid that has rings. That’s got to be one hell of an asteroid. [NBC News]

Asher Vollmer talks about all the Threes clones that have come out since the game’s launch that have overshadowed his game. [Asherv]

Reddit CEO, Yishan Wong, doesn’t much care for the Bitcoin community on Reddit. On the other hand, he loves the Dogecoin community. /r/Dogecoin FTW! [Quora]

Gearbox and 3D Realms are going to war over Duke Nukem. Considering Gearbox’s track record with other companies’ IP, I know my rooting interest in this battle. [Wired]

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