Wednesday Link-Off: Russian Armed Farces

miranda-kerr-wonderbra14-02Well, the Crimean referendum went about as well as everyone expected seeing as it was a giant farce. That wasn’t even the only farcical election of the last week but that’s a different and funnier story.

Anyway, let’s get today’s links on the road. And we kick things off with Miranda Kerr who is the subject of rumours for a couple of obvious reasons.

It seems as though Vlad Putin is drunk on power and that may guide him to make increasingly reckless decisions. (Foreign Policy)

By the way, Ukraine is not backing down from Putin and may be gearing up for war over Crimea. (Kyiv Post)

And the US have followed up the alleged referendum in Crimea by slapping several prominent Russian businessmen / Putin allies with big sanctions. (Business Insider)

The latest theory about the missing Malaysian Airlines airplane is that the pilot hijacked his own plane as a political protest. (Mirror)

Don’t tell the GOP but the death penalty is racist. For example, Florida has never executed a white man for killing a black man. (Think Progress)

Rob Ford won an election at UBC last week. Well, it wasn’t really Rob Ford but someone running as Rob Ford as a joke. It may not be the only election that a Rob Ford wins this year. (Yahoo News)

We’re used to people getting angry about everything online but could people be addicted to getting mad about everything? (The Week)

FiveThirtyEight launched this week and didn’t even go a few hours before saying Wayne Gretzky had it easy because of modern goalie equipment and techniques. They didn’t eve have to slag off the GOP to piss people off. (FiveThirtyEight)

Don’t look now but Major League Baseball players and old media member hate fancy baseball stats. (Hardball Times)

Uh oh. It’s time for a look at the worst celebrity guests in WrestleMania history. (With Leather)

How do you make a small fortune as the owner of the Florida Panthers? Try to rip off all the taxpayers in the state and county. (Deadspin)

Former Two and a Half Men star Angus T. Jones has given up making shitty TV for religion. Apparently Jon Cryer is the only one of the original three who puts money above morals and comedy. (Daily Mail)

I don’t mind the new sound of Formula One engines but I seem to be in the minority that feel that way. Take a listen to this comparison and see what you think.

WrestleMania is coming up in a few weeks. Warm up with a little OSW Review.


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