Wednesday Link-Off: Going Back to Cali

kristen-bell-oscars14-01Usually I do a little preamble at the start of the link-off but I’m going to cut it short because your attention should not be at the top of the post but the bottom. All the Rob Ford stuff is at the very end. There are recaps of his Jimmy Kimmel appearance, a TMZ story and the whole Kimmel interview. Just click through and go scroll down.

With that out of the way, let’s get the rest of the links going. Here’s Kristen Bell who certainly attracted some attention at the Oscars.

Things in the Ukraine keep deteriorating as Vlad Putin says one thing and does the complete opposite. The world is dealing with a dangerous man who is still in the Cold War mindset. Has he lost touch with reality? (The New Republic)

Bitcoin might be an interesting idea but there are still bugs to work out. Like when a major exchange goes down and causes chaos in the market. (Venture Beat)

Disney has cut funding from the Boy Scouts of America over their anti-gay policies. If only companies did that with the Olympics over Russia’s anti-gay policies. (Associated Press)

If you’re not from Canada, you’ve never heard of the powerhouse team that is the Carleton Ravens, a team that often goes undefeated during the regular season and has won nine of the last 11 national titles. Here’s an American look insider Canada’s more prolific team. (Grantland)

The Detroit Red Wings are going to get a new arena in the next few years but billionaire owner Mike Ilitch is only footing 42% of the $450 million bill. (Deadspin)

Apparently the NHL is gung ho about expanding the league to Seattle. Well, they should be trying to get both conferences at even number of teams. (Sporting News)

Don’t look now but Roger Federer might not be done yet. He just won a big tournament last week in Dubai. The old man can still get it done. (Sports on Earth)

Do you want your own F1 car? All you need is $4,000, an old pickup truck and an Indonesian mechanic to make it work. (Motoroids)

I’d rather not mention the Oscars but that so-called Ellen selfie isn’t actually Ellen’s selfie. Legally, since he took the picture, precedent says that it’s Bradley Cooper’s picture and property. (The Wire)

And now, it’s Rob Ford time. You probably just scrolled straight here though.

Toronto mayor Rob Ford was in LA this weekend to appear on Jimmy Kimmel. He even made TMZ which amazes me. He has to be the world’s first mayoral celebrity (as opposed to a celebrity who becomes mayor). (TMZ)

The Star has a fairly thorough recap in case you don’t want to watch the interview. I was a little disappointed at their lack of editorializing seeing as this is a Daniel Dale story and you know their history. (Toronto Star)

The Sun’s coverage also includes quotes and insight from the Fords after the interview. (Toronto Sun)

And here are all four parts of the interview. Thanks for coming out folks.

Actually, I’d be remiss if I didn’t include Rob’s walk-on during Kimmel’s Oscars post-show. That’s how big a deal he is. He was on the Oscars broadcaster’s post-show. Rob Ford is kind of a big deal.


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