Sunday Link-Off: Back in Business

ashley-diana-morris-maxim14-01Just because the Olympics are over doesn’t mean that stories about Russia are done. Their neighbours, the Ukraine, are making news and Russia seems to be right there sticking their noses in to make things worse.

Anyway, since it’s Sunday, I think we should do the links. Let’s start with Canadian model Ashley Diana Morris.

Two years before the Boston Marathon bombing, Tamerlan Tsarnaev and an accomplice killed three men. The case was never solved. Would solving that case have prevented the bombing? (Boston Magazine)

The situation in the Ukraine has been deteriorating over the last week and the possibility of armed Russian intervention is a real issue. (Washington Post)

The Harper Government is sending a delegation to the Ukraine to meet the new government but the Harper Government is using this as an opportunity to play politics… as usual. (MacLean’s)

In an interactive article, Bloomberg examines the boom, bust and recovery of the American economy over the last few years. (Bloomberg)

Scientists working in France are developing something that is effectively a star on Earth. While it’s just an experiment for now, if it can have commercial applications, it could end up being the most important scientific work in the history of mankind. (The New Yorker)

Social media trends and big data analysis may be popular for businesses to use when making decisions but the practical applications show that the top trends on Twitter aren’t always what’s best for business. (New York Times)

Donald Trump doesn’t hate all media. He likes the publications that support his position. (Gawker)

A Hong Kong politician was caught looking at mostly undressed women while the budget speech was being read in parliament. (HyperVocal)

Samsung unveiled their new Galaxy S5 this week. It borrows some tricks from the iPhone 5S but some of the other tricks are ones you’ll see on the iPhone 6. (et geekera)

To celebrate the end of Black History Month, Keith Olbermann tells you who actually broke the colour barrier in American baseball.


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