Weekend Geek Links of the Week

What do some scientists think humans will look like in 100,000 years? Like characters out of manga books. [Mother Nature Network]

Some important Microsoft investors are telling Microsoft’s new CEO that he should drop Bing, Surface and Xbox from the company’s portfolio. [Washington Post]

Developer Jeff Vogel explains why Dong Nguyen pulled down his wildly popular Flappy Bird and how the vitriol from both random folks on the internet and the gaming media can get to you. [The Bottom Feeder]

EA’s Chief Creative Officer doesn’t see the problem with the SimCity and Battlefield 4 launches because the games sold well. It looks like EA is trying hard to win a third-straight Worst Company in America award from The Consumerist. [Rock, Paper, Shotgun]

If they go with a more Olympic-style model, could the World Cyber Games be revived and thrive? [eSportsMax]

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