Sunday Link-Off: Rumble

aj-cook-maxim14-03If it’s a Sunday, then it must be time for us to drop some links for you to read. Since there’s no football this weekend, there isn’t much for you to do, right? Wait. Pro… Bowl? Never heard of it.

Anyway, let’s kick it off with Canadian actress AJ Cook.

There’s no proven link between vaccinations and autism but there is a proven links between the decline in vaccinations and increased instances of preventable diseases. Fools who believe anything have brought this upon themselves. (Los Angeles Times)

Remember last year’s big maple syrup heist? Here’s a recap in illustrated form. (Modern Farmer)

The Lufthansa heist immortalized in Goodfellas has been solved. Did no one watch the movie? (New York Post)

Both Ezra Klien and the Washington Post could come out ahead if they part ways. (New Yorker)

The Wall Street Journal is looking to emphasize their online operation over their print edition in reporting news. (Romenesko)

Grantland has been under fire for the last week after they outed a transgender inventor and she committed suicide as a result. An openly transgender athlete discusses the mainstream media’s ignorance of transgender issues. (The Nation)

The Royal Rumble is this weekend but Jim Ross is no longer part of the WWE crew. That’s okay because now he’s free to say what he thinks. (Grantland)

By the way, this is not only Royal Rumble weekend but the 30th anniversary of Hulk Hogan winning his first World Championship. (Camel Clutch Blog)

And Ric Flair talks about the time that he was sent to North Korea for a WCW / New Japan show in Pyongyang. (USA Today)

The New York Knicks might be awful but they remain a talking point thanks to their celebrity seats. (New York Times)

Anthony and Ottavia Bourdain talk about their love of MMA, Jiu-Jitsu and food. (SB Nation)

Justin Bieber was arrested for DUI, resisting arrest and drag racing this week and his fans melted down on Twitter. (The Wire)

Canada has declared war on Marmite. I’m not complaining. (BBC News)

The latest Rob Ford video has a dance remix. Of course it does.

Arnold disguised himself as a Gold’s Gym manager to raise money for after school programs.


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